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Post by Mew-Chan on Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:51 pm

So not really stories, but poems can tell tales, can't they? ^^'
Anyways, these are rather other works, so don't mind them if they aren't very good ^^' Also, some old prophecies may be tossed in too....

Child's Sweet Savior
For those who grow hopelessly dead,
Their hearts black with mournful lead,
I seek and stare,
My watchful glare,
I lead them away so they may fare.
My voice slick and drippingly sweet,
"Come follow us to an endless treat."
Their quizzical gazes,
My eyes like mazes.
Flashing and flickers before their eyes fuse,
"Come stay and play" the innocent squeaks muse,
Bright-eyed and wily-hearted,
Their many tails' wagging started.
Squeals of joy and endless laughter,
From the children who creatures chase after.
With their friends they start strolling.
A never dying friendship, that's all children want.
With every hour, their faces growing gaunt.
But with games such as these,
No one ever leaves.
Cast away,
With friends who forever play.
Yet the truth is not whole,
For I hold their souls.

And we shall never die....til our internal batteries run dry.

~ Not a poem, but merely a sidenote:

When you think of a lifeline from your childhood, what do you think about. A toy that brought you peace in painful times? A song who's lyrics soothed a nightmare plagued mind? Mine was and will always be games. Pokemon games. The seemingly innocent game where creatures run around as little pixels, answering to their trainer's every command, but in reality, a horrorland for creeps and the mentally unstable who enjoy corrupting the minds and emotions of little children, sucking into the nightmares of cheats and easter eggs made to leave them broken and utterly fearful of the night and their dreams. Even after one glitch, a seemingly normal game will suck someone deeper into pokemon, the dark truth only revealed to those who are willing to pay the price of losing their sanity...

Discorded Stars

Mew's Poems  Discor10

"Wandering through discorded stars,
My heart filled with empty scars.
Drifting through with her beside me,
Her calming gaze hopes to find thee.
Her soft pale chin upon  my head,
My stomach churning, pitted with dread.
Shadows hither, feelings lost;
Our love, our hope, killed by bitter frost.
Oh discorded stars, our only time to meet;
In your blackest night, our love's retreat.
My small white hooves gleam with light,
Our time together, I fear, shall end in blight.
For I cannot be with her, and she with me,
Both are pegasi, kind, and of she.
Though color is gone, and emotions fading;
A sea of torment through which we are wading,
Our time together was short, but sweet,
And through our dreams, we shall next meet.

Oh discorded stars who light our way,
Please stay, beloved night,
So that we aren't separated by the day......"

~ An old poem from my days where I was in love with MLP. My darling little Shimmer Spice had a cute little crush on Fluttershy which somehow (during one of my periods of depression) became more sad and a bit dark...

1 & 2; Our Final Mew

1&2 ~"Two different deaths,
Of murderer the same.
Two different endings,
Leading up to his fame."

1 ~"When he killed me,
Innocence reign true.
Sorrowful tears for the one he slew."

2 ~"When he killed me,
He raged insane.
Bloody lust filled his brain.’"

1~ “My death, it caused
His friend to hate.
With his mother gone,
The murderer’s skull he wished to grate.”

2~ “My death, it caused
His joyous feat.
The evil bird’s claim,
His mission complete.”

1~ “Though black and white
Caused my strain,
His cherry red crush
Ended my pain.”

2~ “Through forest green,
Oblivious to my fate,
His ghost white streak,
Devilish powers await.”

1&2~ “I need not worry,
For I am dead,
But beware the ghost
Cloaked in

~ A poem about a younger Cherrywing and the two most famous victims of his killing habits...

Frost's Second Proph.
The flash of light shall return...
To reap the lives of the unworthy...
Shining their light where the stars have faded...
Leaving the souls of the pure untouched...
Clearing the land of hate and betrayal...
The auras of North come to claim their lost clan....

~ An old prophecy about the Northern clans coming down to help Frostclan drive out Flameclan...

Frost's Fourth Proph.
The sky will darken, clouded by lies...
As the blood of the dying fire is guided...
By the one who's claws shed scarlet shine...
Then the jewel of truth must reveal itself...
May the youth who recovered ancient bones suffer under the wrath of the blackened stars...
And the mournful raven shall loosen its cry as it returns to aid its former life...
At last, the cold wind shall cease by the kin of the darkness who will rise once again...
But beware of the hidden shadow who's path grows crimson as a silent terror, rekindled by the piercing freeze, leads it from within the icy core whom even Starclan cannot see...

~ The second prophecy for the second installment of the Frostclan series...

Ivy's Prophecy
An everlasting sky will thunder and shadows will fly, while the toxic feather longs for the quaking truth...
As the good grows, evil rises more when an icy beast creates a soul stealing monster...
And a blood drenched wing engulfs the remaining spirits of the Broken...
Leading their way through the blinding cold though its path may soonly stray...

~ A falsie prophecy requested by sister for her character Ivyfeather...

Proph Contest Entry Two
As the stones of cold truth shake the forest…
The white mirage reveals the hidden lies…
That the Icy Fire had sealed away from all…
The Darkness rages on while the Blood burns its core…
Leaving the true leader to wither away…
The secret sea killing the ever dying fire…
A foresty beast’s Claw slays the once powerful Golden Sun…
Leaving the blackened Blood to murder the Red Soul…

~ Teh response to Tor's initial challenge to a prophecy-off with me...

Proph Contest Entry Four
The whispers of ancient elders’ song play in the ears of the Heal…
The fiery fox’s tails claim the Moon and her ever-lasting beauty…
And the blistering tongue of the pearls shall let loose some secrets…
Which the Blackened Heart must hide lest it be tossed away…
By the Frost whose Darkness shields it from the Raging elements…
The faded Power must face the truth that it killed Innocence…
A mother that should have killed more, the evil whose only secrets she knew…
And the Final Fox shall have the blood of Knowledge beneath her paws to use to slay all enemies...

~ And the response to Tor's response to the prophecy above ^^ (Even this one confused me a bit myself...)

Proph Contest Entry Six
The scorching Cherry red blaze sizzles…
And its underling Sears, its blood running black with smolders…
As the Blood wrenching Clan of Broken Souls rises…
Sinking their sacred claws into the River of Red…
The spotted Leopard, the forgotten Demon, and the silver Gale…
Come together to destroy the Crow, a corrupted Sparrow shrouded in Black…
Played by the Puppet Master, the Shadowed Moon with her Violet gaze…
As the ghostly breeze sees all death in the Forest’s heart, the Oak of Four Blooms.

~ And the final entry to the contest which won me a white flag from Tor ^^" Keh heh heh....

Untitled Prophecy...??
Two powerful waves,
Of Hot and Cold,
Shall engrave their names in Crystal,
As they face the Dragon, the Serpent, and the Aura,
To save the Bitter Snow,
Which keeps the mountain blood flowing...

While opposites combine, twins shall split,
The holder of innocence was truly wrong,
Shedding more blood than the Cursed Claws,
And one who carries the name of a past friend shall drown the shadows of Final Peace,
Driving the Frost back into a pit of nothingness...

~ Not completely sure what this one was for, but I think it was for my friend DN's kits :3

Honey's Prophecy
Through the darkness, comes light;
Lies erased and memories reborn;
The heart and soul returns,
To the Frost who prospers no longer;
Blood running the land, dark mysteries clog the mind;
And the white snow shall ceased, replaced by blood that rains from overhead;

New life to suffer through pain and poison;
Old bones whom crumble beneath a mere feather shall fade;
And a golden blaze with be overcome by a bloodier shine,
A gold demon who all once mocked, but now will fear...

~ A little tidbit for my underestimated Honeyharth :3

Darkstar's Death
The death was black,
Happiness broken.
The betrayal was back,
Solitude awoken.
The control of the clan,
Completely in blight.
And yet the sole lie was white...

~ A small poem for my little Darkstar from a while back :3

Future Frost Proph??
The frost shall be shredded apart,
By earth, sky, and sea.
Destined to halt the clashing elements,
Whom fight and bleed over thee.
T'is the frozen clan who can save the rest
From the growing storm of blight,
Which threatens the winding forest,
Lengthening the dead of night.

For these clans have lost their way,
And must be saved by the stars' divine light.

~ A prophecy unused, but meant for the third installment of Frostclan....

The Band
Crimson does the river flow
if the Band comes around.
Tuck your paws and bare your claws
if sickening screeches sound.
Beware of the hunt, for
if you see a grunt,
dash away with a bound.
Fear the fight,
for with their might,
they attack like a hound.
If they chase,
you must race-
Glide across the ground.
Hide away, and begin to pray,
hope to not be found.

~ Blackkit's favorite nursery rhyme which he often used to scare his sister, Bluekit.

Boneclan's Ballad
Brittle bone will bend, crack, and burn
And all sane heads of the clan will turn.
The blind will see and the deaf shall hear
When the waking darkness draws near.

Birthing blights will arise,
Skies shall shatter, full of cries
And the dark king who all despised
Song was truly not of lies.

Thus those in white with purest souls
Will act for the burning flame as coals,
Setting ablaze the clan from within,
Only to satisfy their own black sin.

~ A prophecy written for Riak's original Boneclan of Pokefarm...

Meteorstar's Melancholy Melody
The fallen star’s become otiose to the inflorescence
Its once bright light and enamoring power becoming evanescence.
Twin tenebrous shadows astringe the peace
And an echoing scream’s reign shan’t cease.
Purrs now growl.
Smiles soon scowl.
And through the bones and bloody bites
Skies’ pealing whines quash the nights.

Though pain now rules over its plunder
Virtuous souls shall strike like thunder.
To claim back the clan they’ve lost
But chagrin in spirit, aware of its hefty cost…

~ The only prophecy for the of Blossomclan on PF before it was so rudely deleted *pouts*

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