When Palm Trees Meet Meteors.

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When Palm Trees Meet Meteors. Empty When Palm Trees Meet Meteors.

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Words: 6000+
Summary: Not even Starclan could part Palmlight and Meteorwisp. Here are a bunch of drabbles proving it. This is making Palmpaw way older than he currently is and making Meteorwisp younger than she actually is.

The storm had separated him from his family. His mother, his father and even his tiny sister were nowhere to be found. The young brown tom cat padded through the open plains where he had wound up. He was completely lost and he had no sense of direction. In short, the cat was terrified. After a few moments, there was a sound that caught his attention. Whirling around, the young cat found him face to face with a gorgeous white she-cat with marbled fur. Her tail was held high over her head and it was so soft and wispy looking.

“Hi! I’m Meteorpaw!”
The young tom found himself carried back to a place that Meteorpaw had called Berryclan Camp. The second she had walked in, she was approached by a large tabby she-cat who was very stern with her. Placing him down, Meteorpaw defended herself against the stocky she-cat with was speaking with her.

“Sorry Bluebell! But I had this dream that this little guy was wandering on our territory and that I had to go find him!” The cat explained to the tabby.

Blue-violet eyes looked down to examine the young tom kit. “What’s your name?”

“P-p-palm…” The little tom responded quietly.

“Can we keep him, Bluebell? Please!” Young Meteorpaw begged the older cat.

Bluebell sighed but responded. “Take him to Flowerstar. Let her decide.”

Much to Meteorpaw’s excitement, Palm was allowed to stay with them. He was given the new name of Palmkit and he would train to be was warrior. The only condition that Flowerstar had was that since Meteorpaw had found the brown tom, she had to care for him. Neither cat really minded that one. So for the rest of the day, Meteorpaw showed Palmkit all around camp.

“So this is the nursery, you’ll be sleeping here. I’ll be sleeping in the apprentice’s den, over there.” Her feathery tail pointed out a den where small cats were padding in and out of. “Warriors sleep over there, like Bluebell.” Again, she pointed out a den where bigger cats were moving in and out. “And then the Medicine Cat is there, looks like she is working with Pumapaw right now. Pumapaw got attacked by a badger and her leg is really bad… oh! Flowerstar sleeps in there… and that’s about it! Any questions?” Her blue eyes locked on with the kit’s pale green ones.

“Am I gonna sleep by myself?” He asked her timidly.

Meteorpaw frowned slightly as she thought up her answer. She remained quiet for quite a while before she finally responded. “No. I’ll sleep in there with you.”
True to her word, Meteorpaw had moved into the Nursery to sleep with Palmkit. They were the only two cats sleeping in the den. No one bothered to check on the two cats, and that was how they liked it. That meant that they could get up to more shenanigans without any cat knowing! Silly little pranks like covering Bluebell in wildflowers while she slept, or hiding bones of prey in Flowerstar's nest!

It didn’t take long for Palmkit to adjust to clan life. The cats of Berryclan were jolly cats who loved to have fun. At first, the shy kit was too terrified to interact with the cats, but Meteorpaw managed to get him to open up. Soon, Palmkit was following Meteorpaw everywhere. If she was called out for training or a patrol, Palmkit was training right behind her. It annoyed Bluebell at first; however she grew used to it. It was very clear that the ditzy apprentice and the mature kit were quite a good match. In the end, Palmkit grew on her. So much so, that the older warrior and Meteorpaw had started teaching Palmkit while working on Meteorpaw’s training.

On this day, Bluebell had forbid Palmkit from coming out to train with Meteorpaw today. Neither cat truly knew why, but both wouldn’t let Bluebell stop them. That morning, Meteorpaw, Bluebell and Flowerstar left on a Border and Hunting patrol. So Palmkit was sitting around his den, bored. Well, that’s what everyone had thought. In reality, he was just waiting until nobody would notice him. Thankfully, that didn’t take long. As soon as he could, the young brown kit had slipped out of camp and was now following the scent trails to catch up to Meteorpaw.

Racing through the grass, he managed to find them as they were close to the Featherclan border. Thankfully the tom was still small enough to hide in the long grasses. By the time he had arrived, Meteorpaw had expertly caught a mouse. She was currently being praised by her mentor and leader for the catch.

Pale green eyes caught bright blue eyes and Meteorpaw smirked to Palmkit before turning her attention to the two older cats. Clearly the other two didn’t realize that the brown tom had snuck out of camp. Instead they told her to carry her catch with them as they finished the patrol. The rest of the patrol along Featherclan was boring. Nothing eventful happened until the end.

“Well Meteorpaw, your skills are very impressive. Bluebell is right to praise you as much as she does.” Flowerstar said to the marbled she-cat proudly. “Your naming ceremony shall be held at sunhigh!”

The apprentice dropped her catch and cheered happily. “Yeah! Did you hear that Palmkit! I’m gonna be made a warrior today!”

On cue, the brown striped tom rushed out from behind the older cats and bounced around happily beside his friend. “Yay! You’re gonna be the best warrior ever!” The kit mewed out happily.

A small chuckle escaped Flowerstar’s throat. It seemed as if nothing would part Meteorpaw from Palmkit. Not even Starclan could do it.
Meteorpaw was named at sunhigh. Her name was now Meteorwisp. Palmkit was incredibly thrilled for his best friend. He wasn't prepared for what would happen next though.

"Next, it's time that we make an apprentice!" Flowerstar called out. "Palmkit, front and center!"

Palmkit looked over to Meterorwisp curiously. She had been sitting next to him at the time. The marbled she-cat did not speak; instead she just nudged him up to the Ivy Stone, where Flowerstar stood.

"Palmkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Palmpaw. Your mentor will be Meteorwisp. I know Meteorwisp will pass down all she knows on to you." Flowerstar mewed out with a small hint of pride in her voice. Now the leader turned her gaze to lock with Meteorwisp's. "Meteorwisp, due to your special connection with Palmpaw, I have decided that you will take him on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Bluebell, and you have shown yourself to be caring and dedicated. You will be the mentor of Palmpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Palmpaw."

Both mentor an apprentice looked at each other. Their eyes were shining with happiness and Meteorwisp bolted up to Palmpaw. Instead of touching noses, which was a part of the ceremony, Meteorwisp tackled Palmpaw and started licking him affectionately. Behind them, he clan called out their names happily before the meeting was dismissed. Neither Palmpaw nor Meteorwisp knew how long they had been absorbed in their giddy feelings. It could have been a few moments; it could have been all day. Neither cat really cared though.
Most of Palmpaw's training was a refresher course for him. Bluebell had practically taught him everything with Meteorwisp's help while she was apprenticing. After three moons of hard training by the white marbled she-cat, Palmpaw felt as if he could be a warrior then and there. He had grown much since his first few moons with Berryclan. Now he was nearly equal height with his mentor.

"I can do it, Meteorwisp! Trust me!" Palmpaw argued with her as he had pinned her to the ground for the third time in a row.

"Nope! Nice try!" She chirped out, not at all bothered at the fact that he had her pinned.

"Huh?" As soon as he managed that out, the young tom was thrown over the head of his mentor. He landed on the dusty ground with a painful grunt. "Oh come on! I'm better than Nightpaw! And Darkhorn is about to make her a warrior!"

"I don't care about Nightpaw, I care about you. The deal was if you can beat me, you can try to become a warrior." Meteorwisp mewed, not budging on this one.

It wasn't normal for Meteorwisp to fight him. Usually she let the tom do as she like. He had a considerable amount of freedom as compared to the other apprentice like Yellowpaw and Nightpaw. He was allowed to wander at night with no issues. She even let him sleep in if he wanted to. Normally the two would have daily naps in the middle of camp. Many cats had questioned Meteorwisp's training of Palmpaw, but so far, he had shown that he was very capable.

"Come on! I fought and chased that rogue all by myself a few sunrises ago! I even helped out during that border fight with Terraclan! I even got a few good hits on Lionroar! I took out a chunk of his ear! You'll see it at the gathering!" Palmpaw argued as he kept pressing on with his attacks.

Meteorwisp easily deflected these attacks as they were driven by anger and there was no real thought put into them. "If you keep this up, you aren't going to the Gathering!" She responded sternly. That stopped the onslaught of sloppy attacks.

"I can't believe you! You're being unfair!" he yelled at her angrily. The fringe of fur that hung over her forehead was covering his eyes at this point. "I... I hate you!" Palmpaw screamed at her angrily. Angry green eyes locked on with blue eyes. The young tom watched his mentor and best friend's face go from a stoic look to one of absolute heartbreak.

Palmpaw didn't stay around enough to watch anymore. Just seeing that look on her face, broke his heart. So he ran. His legs had grown long and he was able be gone within moments. He would prove to her that he was ready to become a warrior. Meteorwisp didn't chase him; instead she was rooted to her spot. The feathery tail that Palmpaw loved to play with as a kit, drooped and rested in the dust. Her ears were back and her head was just staring at the ground. That was their first fight...
When Palmpaw didn't return back to camp the next day, Meteorwisp was nervous. When he didn't return the morning after that, she was terrified. When he didn't return the morning after that, she was freaking out and racing all over the camp searching for him. It was Bluebell, who was now expecting kits, who calmed her enough for the ditzy warrior to blubber out what had happened in their fight. The queen comforted the young warrior the best she could but they did have to go find the apprentice.

The two searched all day and through most of the night until a surprised (and possibly pained) bark caught them off guard. It didn't sound like a dog or a wolf, but it was definitely a fox yip. Almost instantly, Meteorwisp assumed the worst and she was off. Bluebell wasn't far behind the warrior, but being weighed down with a kit made it impossible to keep up. The tabby queen was just as shocked as her former apprentice when they saw what had happened.

Lying on the ground was a dead fox. Next to it was a large branch which was broken in two areas. On top of the fox stood Palmpaw. His claws were bloody and the left side of his face had a few nasty gashes. How the young apprentice took down a fully grown fox, was beyond the two of them, but he definitely wasn't unscathed. Upon further inspection, Palmpaw had two large scars down his spine. It has the longer fur on his spine a crimson color. It was clear that the back injury was an older one.

Meteorwisp and Palmpaw stared at each other. Neither spoke, but it was clear the situation was incredibly awkward for both of them. Meteorwisp felt awful that she was unable to defend her apprentice and Palmpaw felt bad for saying that he hated her, which clearly wasn't the case. Unfortunately apologizing was not a strong point for either cat, so they stared at each other awkwardly. Finally Bluebell broke the silence.

"Let's go Palmpaw; we need to get Thunderflash to look at you." Bluebell decided. The young tom nodded silently, not trusting his voice. He carefully stepped off the fox and limped back to camp with the others.
Palmpaw was stuck in the medicine cat's den for almost a week. Thunderflash and Burningpaw had been attending to him the best that they could. At first the two worried that Palmpaw would lose an eye, but thankfully it was able to be saved. His back was very tender but it had started healing on its own. His face would scar, but the tom was alright with that. At least he had an awesome story for it.

After his long week, he was able to resume training. However this time, Meteorwisp had been hiding. In all honesty, that was fine with him because he still felt awkward about the whole situation... especially because she was right and he was dead wrong. "Why are She-cat's always right..." The young tom growled out to himself.

"It's just a fact of life, Palmpaw! You'll get used to it!" Came the chipper voice of Pumaclaws. Green eyes caught the young warrior who was limping across camp. "But you should go find Meteorwisp, she's been real sad lately. I knew it was because you were gone, though."

"I made her sad? “Palmpaw asked the crippled warrior.

"Of course you did. She loves you! When you vanished, she got very scared and worried. You're her light in a dark place! Without you, she gets real sad. She was pretty sad before you came to Berryclan but now that you're here, she's been a lot happier and way better!" The Abyssinian mewed out as if everything she was saying was pretty common knowledge. "She's been moping over by the training grounds since you've been back. You should go find her!"

The young apprentice nodded and raced out of camp. "Thanks Pumaclaws!" He called as he ran. The warrior said nothing and just went about her business.
When Palmpaw found his mentor, she was laying on her stomach with her head buried in the grass. Clearly she hadn't noticed Palmpaw's arrival.

"Oh what am I gonna do?" She muttered to (what she thought was just) herself. "He hates me! I'll never fix this! And now he's injured! What if he's blind in one eye! What if he can't walk like Pumaclaws?" The marbled warrior groaned out sadly. "It's all my fault!" She wailed out. "If I had let him try for his warrior name, he would still be fine and he would never hate me!"

With a sniffle she shook her head rapidly. "Oh don't be mousebrained! There's a reason you didn't let him have his name! You didn't want him to fail! You wanted to make sure he was going to pass his test and be better than you were." Meteorwisp told herself confidently, trying to make herself seem as if she was in the right. But she groaned and smacked her head against the cool dusty ground. "That doesn't make it hurt any less though. Now he hates me! I've failed my first apprentice! Waaaaaah!"

During her self-loathing, Palmpaw smirked slightly. She truly did feel bad. Not as back as he felt, but she felt bad too. Now he realized that she was doing everything so that he could be the best warrior ever. Back when he had become her apprentice, he said that he wanted to be leader one day. Clearly she was training him for that.

As stealthily as he could, Palmpaw slowly padded up to the warrior. Once he was right next to her, he unsheathed his claws and pressed them firmly to her neck. "A warrior never lets their guard down." Meteorwisp froze and slowly looked up. He eyes locked with her apprentices. "I beat you this time." He told her with a small grin. His voice was cracking and he was on the verge of blubbering out his own apologies.

With a small, but cheerful grin, the warrior replied. "Aye, it looks like you finally beat me, Palmpaw." And with that, their fight was completely finished. The rest of that day was spent with the two blubbering out their apologies to each other and then play fighting like old times.
The gathering was fast approaching, which meant that the Moon of the Mates was coming too. Both Meteorwisp and Palmpaw would be attending the meeting where nominees were chosen. Neither cat had been to this meeting (because no one trusted Meteorwisp to behave as an apprentice), so they were both very excited. Well, until Berryclan's nominee was named.

"Stonefang of Terraclan has requested that Meteorwisp be Berryclan's nominee."

That made both Meteorwisp and Palmpaw's heart stop. Both cats’s glanced up to see Flowerstar. Her face was emotionless as she spoke. "Very well." The leader said calmly. "With Meteorwisp, Berryclan's space if filled." The leader glanced down to see Palmpaw bristle angrily at that. The scarred side of his face was the side that could be seen by Flowerstar. His injuries had been healed for nearly two moons now. "Palmpaw will defend her honor in the ring."

The young tom's green eyes met Flowerstar's eyes. She gave him a small wink before turning her attention back to the group of cats.
The day of the Gathering, Palmpaw and Meteorwisp were too absorbed in each other to care about the rest of the world. Palmpaw was nervous for his upcoming fight and he had challenged every warrior and apprentice to practice with him in preparation for this day. The young tom won many of his fights; however most of the older warriors had managed to outsmart him on the first try. But on the second try, he managed to fight most of them to a standstill. The only cat (other than Flowerstar and Bluewater, the deputy) that he couldn't beat was Meteorwisp herself.

Despite how it was against the code, Palmpaw was given extra prey to help him prepare. "Don't worry; I won't let any clan take you." The apprentice promised her confidently.

"Don’t' promise something you can't keep." She warned him quietly.

"I keep all my promises." Palmpaw replied quickly.
True to his word, Palmpaw won his battle using his brain and less of his brawn. Five cats had been in the ring fighting, and Palmpaw hardly listed a paw to beat them. He had simply let them fight each other. All he really did was dodge. Finally it was just an exhausted Stonefang and the slightly winded Palmpaw. The apprentice won rather easily.

A few days after the gathering, Flowerstar called a clan meeting. At this point, Meteorwisp and Palmpaw had been play fighting in camp. Just as the leader called the meeting, Palmpaw had pinned Meteorwisp to the ground. "I win!" He called cheerfully before jumping off her to head to the meeting.

The marbled cat giggled slightly at the apprentice's antics. "Aye, you win this time." She told him quietly as they gathered under the Ivy Stone.

Flowerstar looked down upon Berryclan and called out some shocking words. "Palmpaw, come forward." Like the last time he was made to go up there, he looked to Meteorwisp curiously. Like the last time, Meteorwisp nudged Palmpaw up to the rock.

"I, Flowerstar, leader of Berryclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn. Palmpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Stunned, Palmpaw managed to reply, "I do."

"Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Palmpaw, from this moment you will be known as Palmlight. Starclan honors your cleverness in the heat of battle and your unwavering loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Berryclan. May you be a light for those in dark places."

Cheers filled the clan as Palmlight earned his warrior name. At eleven and a half moons, he was quite young to receive it. However in his valiant fight to keep Meteorwisp free from a forced mate, Flowerstar had decided that he had definitely earned his name. That night there was much celebration.
As moons passed by, the clans were all on good terms with the others. Kits were born, warriors made and all that clan things. But now, murders were happening. First it was just one or two warriors, but now the numbers were adding up. Each clan had lost cats, except Terraclan it seemed. From Shineclan, Snowstar had been killed, forcing Paintedbones to step up as leader. His deputy was Softfrost with Shellshine, Palmlight's tiny sister assisting when cats tried to argue with the soft-spoken cat. The Shellshine was very short at about the size of a half grown apprentice. However that cat was the fiercest little thing that any clan could be hold. She was nearly as terrifying as Leopardfury, Cherrystar's mate and Deputy. But she could be very sweet and mostly happy and fun.

After Snowstar's death, all the clan's grieved but then... Flowerstar and Bluewater were gone too. Without the deputy and leader, the clan was lost! Well that's what they thought until Burningflame received a message from Starclan. It was of a stone flying from the sky into the Moon Meadow. After its landing, smoke wisped away into the sky. If that wasn't a clear enough sign, then no one knew what was.

Meteorwisp would lead Berryclan.
After returning as Meteorstar, Yellowmoon was made deputy. Her choice was approved by Bluebell (and Palmlight). Making Palmlight deputy would be playing favorites, even if the tom had now won three Moon of the Mates battles. He had yet to train an apprentice though. That was quickly remedied as Frozenkit and his siblings came of age. Frozen kit was from a litter of Pumaclaws' kits. She had taken a mate (it seemed) however no cat knew who the tom was. Meteorstar never questioned her though. She too had taken one of the kits as her own apprentice, a creamy colored Abyssinian named Lightkit. Bluebell was given the last one, a silver colored Abyssinian tom named Shadowkit.

The three cats agreed that they would train the kits and life was good. Frozenkit became Frozenpaw, Lightkit became Lightpaw and Shadowkit became Shadowpaw. The strange thing about all three kits was that they all were very quiet cats that preferred to observe and not speak. After getting to know their mentors, it was discovered that they were just as loving and affectionate as their mother, just more reserved around others. Meteorstar was determined to break their reservedness though. Palmlight was perfectly fine with Frozenpaw, though. Both tom cats got a kick out of Meteorstar trying to get Lightpaw to be more social.
A few moons later, Yellowmoon had to step down from her position of deputy. She and Shadow-Walker had become mates and she was expecting kits. It was to no cat's surprise when Palmlight was named the Deputy in her stead. There was no issue until the unexpected came. Meteorstar had been requested by Cherrystar. Not as a mate for himself, but as a mate for his clanmate. The worst part, Palmlight was not defending her honor. Instead, Pumaclaws was to defend the leader.

Unfortunately, Palmlight had stayed back to watch over camp. He didn't hear the news from Meteorstar herself, but from Shimeringcoal. By this time, Meteorstar had gone off to sleep. Palmlight refused to let her go to sleep, not before making her talk to him. The tom gripped her scruff and dragged her right out into the center of camp.

"Why didn't you tell me, Meteorstar?" Palmlight yelled at her angrily.

"You don't need to know everything, Palmlight!" The leader fired back. "Cherrystar did it to help his clanmate! You know that someday I would have taken a mate or another cat would have been interested in me!"

"I knew that, I'm not a stupid apprentice anymore!" The tom growled at her. No, now he was a full gown muscular tom cat who was looking down at the leader. "Why now! I fought for you last time and won! Why didn't you let me do it again! I'd win and you would stay!"

"I don't want you getting hurt! Cherrystar has twenty moons more experience than you! Besides, maybe it's time for me to take a mate! Did you ever think that maybe I wanted to have a mate of my own?"

"Of course I thought that! But why not take a mate from Berryclan! Then you could stay!" Palmlight argued back to her, trying to get the leader to see his point.

"Because Shiningheart loves me! That's why! He loves me and cares about me and I want to make him happy! Now I'm doing this, Palmlight. End of story. Go to sleep."

"Fine!" Palmlight screamed at her. At this point, their fight had attracted the attention of the entire clan, but neither cat cared. Both were too mad at the other. Meteorstar moved back into her den and Palmlight left camp.
Palmlight and Meteorstar were not on speaking terms for the entire rest of that moon. Even at the Gathering, they didn't speak. Not even after Pumaclaws lost her match against Cherrystar or even when the clan's left. The only moment they had been just when they were leaving. Berryclan and Featherclan were the last clans to leave. Featherclan was being courteous in letting the clan say goodbye to their old leader. As every cat said their goodbyes, Palmlight stood off to the side awkwardly.

Meteorstar's eyes, which were blue now, were constantly looking back between the cat she was goodbye-ing with and the younger brown tom. After all good byes were finished, Palmlight told Pumaclaws to lead the clan home, which she did sadly. Soon, the only cat who stayed was Frozenpaw, as he was incredibly loyal to his mentor. Apparently Palmlight's loyalty was rubbing off on him.

Green eyes met blue eyes and they just stared at each other. The two cats could feel their hearts breaking at the thought of a goodbye. Just like the last time the two cats fought, Palmlight's fringe covered his eyes so that they could not show how much pain he was in. The one cat that was constantly there for him was now leaving... as a mate for another cat. He wouldn't be able to wake up anymore and drag the sleeping leader out of her den. Gone would be the silly play fights they would have in camp. The morning breakfast or join training of their apprentices would be done for too. Palmlight would miss her flowery scented pelt more than anything.

But, now was time for goodbyes. It was Palmlight who broke the eye contact by bowing his head. Meteorstar quickly followed suit. Nudging his apprentice, Palmlight got him standing and the two started padding off. Meteorstar turned and did the same. Both cats looked back one last time and caught the other's gaze. Their eyes communicated what they were unable to say out loud.

I love you.
The Next morning was utter chaos for Palmlight because there was uncertainty if he would be leader or Yellowmoon. After all, she was only temporary deputy until Yellowmoon could return to duty, which she could. It was Burningflame who had come forward with the message from Starclan. In her mouth, she held a palm frond.

"This was the message Starclan sent me." The Medicine Cat said firmly. "So Palmlight, make you deputy decision because we are leaving." Palmlight nodded and called the meeting as instructed.

"I say these words before Starclan so that our warrior ancestor may hear and approve my choice. The new Deputy of Berryclan is Pumaclaws." Despite her failure the night before, his choice was widely accepted. It didn't matter who was deputy really because Bluebell would end up taking over anyway. That was just a widely known fact. Pumaclaws was also decided to take on the training of her daughter, Lightpaw.

With all that said and done, Palmlight was off to earn his new name.
Getting nine lives was painful. That was a fact. He had been complaining about that for the past four moons. Still, Palmstar had yet to lose a life. He was much too careful for that. Losing a life was probably more painful than getting a life. That was something Palmstar refused to risk.

Now the leader was perched up top his stone throne, rattling off the news for Berryclan. "One of our clanmates has fallen. However for his courage and bravery while defending his siblings against a badger, he earned his Warrior name. Shadowstep now walks with Starclan." Below, Bluebell bowed her head sadly, as did Pumaclaws and Shadowstep's siblings.

"You and Berryclan have all of our condolences, Palmstar." Cherrystar of Featherclan said quickly. "I am sure he walks among Starclan."

"I do not doubt it." Palmstar replied to Cherrystar. "However I will say that Pumaclaws is clearly training her offspring to become fearless badger killers." A howl of laughter came from his deputy as he cracked the joke. Even her siblings from Terraclan and Featherclan started snickering at the joke. Anyone who had been around long enough knew that Pumaclaws injured leg was from a badger, which is what made the joke hilarious. "I must also add that we have made two other warriors, Frozengaze and Lightshadow!"

Congratulations were offered to the new warriors in question and with that, Berryclan had finished. Now all the clans had finished and the Battles would begin. This moon's spokes cat was Cherrystar who easily pumped up all the cats. The first fight was for Streambreeze of Emberclan. Her sister, Skywing was her protector. Her opponent was Clashfang of Featherclan. As the fight took place, Palmstar leaped down from his rocky throne and took a seat by Frozengaze. The young tom curiously watched the fight. It was clear he was debating if he should fight for the pretty she cat of Shineclan being offered. He had his eyes on this cat for moons now.

The fight continued and Palmstar watched uninterested. Suddenly a familiar scent hit him. His eyes widened but he said nothing. The cat he scented layed down next to him and said nothing. Palmstar's eyes looked over at the cat and studied her for a moment before finally speaking.

"You're having kits." He stated. It wasn't a question, but a fact.

"You are the first one who has said that. Not even Shiningheart knows." She replied to him.

"I lived with you for moons and I've always been close to you. I would know these things, Meteorwisp." The leader said to the former Berryclan leader.

"You always knew me best." The she-cat chuckled out.

The conversation stopped there. Finally the fight was over and Skywing remained triumphant in protecting her sister. Now the battle for little Bluepaw of Shineclan was up. Almost instantly Frozengaze raced up to request her. Unfortunately for him, Bluepaw's protector was Shellshine. This would be an interesting battle.

"I'm sorry about Shadowstep." Meteorwisp said quietly.

"Tell that to Bluebell and Pumaclaws." Palmstar replied, he was still mad at her.

Conversation ended and they watched the rest of the battles. Surprisingly young Frozengaze beat Shellshine. She blamed it on Palmstar, obviously. Then the two siblings got into a bickering match, which was typical. The next matches came and went and finally the Gathering was over. Cats slowly started to get up and leave but Palmstar and Meteorwisp stayed in their same spots. Clans started to leave and neither cat moved. Pumaclaws was smart and she brought Berryclan home. Featherclan was about to leave and they called out for the queen.

Sighing, Meteorwisp rose to her paws. She cast a look at Palmstar, who refused to look at her face. The marbled queen could see the scarred side of his face, from the fox attack earlier in his life. "I love you." She said to him, barely above a whisper.

"I love you too..." Palmstar replied quietly, not meeting her gaze.

"I know." She replied quietly. Her voice had cracked but she was smiling. She turned and left, but not before her wispy tail came in contact with his scars. It was at that moment when Palmstar realized that the prey was in his territory now. He was getting her back.
Palmstar made his move at the meeting to decide who the nominees would be. As soon as the meeting started, Palmstar made his demand for Meteorwisp. Cherrystar tried his best to decline and use that she was with kits as an excuse. However Palmstar argued that since she did not have kits, no would she come the time of the gathering, she was still up to fight for. With that logic, Palmstar had won his request and Featherclan's spot was filled. In return, it was demanded of him to put up Lightshadow, which he did without hesitation. Frozengaze was to be her protector.

Once the Gathering came, everyone was excited to see the fight between Shiningheart and Palmstar. All the leaders rushed through their news so that the fight could happen. This time Flash star was commentating. The first fight was Palmstar's.

The young leader stepped into the ring on the opposite side of Shiningheart. Both toms were livid with the other, adding on to the excitement of the match. As soon as Flashstar told them to begin, the two toms were out doing their best to outdo the other. While Shiningheart may have had more experience as a warrior, Palmstar had been trained by Meteorwisp herself and Bluebell as well. To this day, the tom had yet to lose a battle in the ring.

"She is my mate!" Shiningheart yelled as the fight progressed.

"You had another cat fight for you!" Palmstar fired back in a rage. He didn't care how much he got hurt, Meteorwisp would be his again.

The fight was long and tiring, but finally Shiningheart dropped. He had passed out due to sheer exhaustion. Thus declaring Palmstar the winner. The rest of the battles were less eventful, but fun to watch. However Palmstar and Meteorwisp didn't care. They were too absorbed in their own little world to care about the outside one.
Later that night, all the cats happily padded back into camp. There were cheers and victorious shouting as Palmstar lead Meteorwisp back to her home. All of Berryclan was in a celebration that the old leader had returned back. Bluebell was overjoyed and nearly knocked the marbled she-cat over as she showered Meteorwisp in affection. The clan's cries of happiness were cut off by Palmstar.

"Let's all go to sleep! We will celebrate in the morning, you have my word!" The clan accepted this and everyone returned to their dens.

Meteorwisp and Palmstar retired into the Leader's den. It looked exactly as it did when the she-cat had left... except her nest was much larger.

"I had anticipated that I would win so I made a big nest so we both could sleep here." Palmstar explained with a sly grin on his face.

"You’re always so sure of yourself." She responded with a giggle as she settled into the nest.

"I've never lost in the ring, and I sure wasn't going to start with losing you. The only cat I love more than anything? Never." The tom responded as he curled around the outside of her body. He buried his nose into her lovely marbled pelt, just taking in her scent. It didn't hit him until now that he had missed her more than he realized. "I love you." He mumbled out sleepily.

"I love you too." She replied in a sleepy voice.

"I know."
Up in Starclan, Flowerstar chuckled as she watched the scene play out below. "I told you nothing would keep them apart." The former leader of Berryclan said with a grin.

"Aye, you did." Bluewater responded in a defeated tone. "Well leave them be. The two have had enough of Starclan messing up their relationship. Come on, I hear Lionroar is still trying to get with Flashstar. Let's go see how that plays out."

"Please, Flashstar would never give in to him." Flowerstar replied with a roll of her eyes.

"Don't be too sure about that, the tom has some smooth moves. Care to take a bet?" Bluewater responded.

"You're on."

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