Rules and Restrictions?!

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Rules and Restrictions?! Empty Rules and Restrictions?!

Post by Mew-Chan on Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:56 am

Uhhhhhggggg!!!!!~ Do I really have to put these here?! Really?! I mean, I totally trust all of you to keep cool and know what is and isn't acceptable, but if I have to, Mew will crack down on y'all with some rules....If I really need to Razz Don't give me more work to do, please :3

Ehhh- I might as well lay some basics down anyways :3

* No spamming. If there is to be spamming, do it where it won't bother others.

* No double posting. This is only to be done during important moments.

* Correct grammar is a must. However, it is understandable if your character is speaking with an accent of the like or you are joking around in the Clan's clan.

* Minimum limit of three good sentences per post unless you have WB. In that case, warn one of the mods of the situation.

* No flaming. Flame wars will ensue in me taking action, which you will most likely not enjoy.

* If you are having problems with another member, please be courteous and don't take it out on their characters.

* No godmodding or powerplaying. And of course no ragekilling! Murder of other member's characters without consent will be punished with banishment.

* No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sue. Try to keep it original. However, if it can't be helped, try at least to make it as far from mainstream as possible.

* No extreme plot changes, unless advised by a moderator. However, slight twists like foxes or kit problems can occur without consent.

* Be a responsible roleplayer.

* HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourself! And get out if you don't. Seriously, if we annoy you or you don't like roleplaying, you don't need to.

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