Scar's Story (not finished)

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Scar's Story (not finished) Empty Scar's Story (not finished)

Post by The Stump on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:56 am

The greyish blue tom stood at the edge of the territory of Dreamclan (A clan far off) His twins sons Sparkpaw and Flarepaw padded up beside him. They didn't have their scars or burnt mark yet. They were merely 9 moons at the time, they liked to play around a lot. Scar was depressed though because of his recent lost of his mate and his brother. Dreamstar, his sister, padded up next to him and put her tail on his back then said "Scar, my brother, I know how you must feel right now, you're mate and our other brother gone, out of existence, but, look at us now. We are going to be just fine. We have each other and once we're done with everything here we can all go find a new home". Scar nodded and turned back towards camp "I just wonder how Flowerpaw is going to be without her mother always there beside her". Dreamstar sighed and started back towards camp "Let me talk to her about it."

Icewing was sitting in the Leader's den waiting for Dreamstar to return. He curled up and let his wings gently fall down beside him. His light blue complexion countered acted with the light gray wall and he almost looked invisible next to it. He was sent back down from Starclan after a massive attack on Dreamclan and was able to stop the war and was let to stay down with his new Mate Dreamstar. Dreamstar was just now entering camp and went straight towards the apprentice den where she found Flowerpaw crying in a corner. She sat down next to her and put her paw on her head "Flower, Dreamstar is here for you". Flower slowly looked up at Dreamstar and said "Auntie Dream.... I miss Tiger..." her eyes were filled with tears as she looked up at Dreamstar.

(More will be done when I am actually able to think and not all shakey)
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