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Will you be my Mate? Empty Will you be my Mate?

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Now Lionroar was a fine looking cat. He knew it, other cats knew it and that was all that mattered. He was a pure bred Abyssinian tom cat, bred for life in shows and on the stage. Of course he had a bit of a mane but that just added to the larger tom’s charm.

Not only was Lionroar devilishly handsome, but he was also a Flirt Master and a gentle-tom. He respected every single she-cat he came across... Except for Leopardfury and Pumaclaws but they were just sisters so they didn’t count. He knew he was a good warrior. He knew he was a kind cat. He knew that he was widely respected by all the clans and he knew that many she-cats were attracted to him. Despite all of these things, he just didn't know why Flashstar wouldn't take him seriously when he asked to be her mate.
Lionpaw grinned as he padded into camp with his catch. Both he and Tigerpaw had brought down a hawk. Despite being only 8 moons old, the two toms managed it. Stonefang had sent the two toms out on the Hawk catching mission. They had been gone for two whole days at this point but now they were home and they were absolutely exhausted!

With pride, they placed the hawk into the freshkill pile. "Lets go get some sleep." Tigerpaw grumbled out. As the two tom's padded off to the apprentice den, Dustystar called out for a clan meeting. Both cat's grumbled out but loyaly reported for the clan meeting. Lionpaw slouched down and practically was laying down in the meeting. The maned tom cat situated next to Flashpaw and Sandpaw, who had been playing a game of Go Pebble.

"Where were you two? Bleachpaw was looking for you two last night and the night before!" Flashpaw barked out at the two cats.

"Stonefang." Lionpaw groaned out before placing his head against the cool ground.

"What did he make you two do this time?" Flashpaw growled out. It was no secret that Stonefang practically trained both toms. Lionpaw's real mentor was Shaleleap, but no cat questioned Stonefang. If he made a cat go do something, they did it or it wouldn't end well.

"Hawk. No coming back with out one." Lionpaw mewed back pitifully. "Why do you care... And why you so pissy?"

Instantly Lionpaw was smacked hard by a flame colored paw. Clearly that had been the wrong thing to say to the pissy she cat. Not only did Flashpaw hit him, she hit him multiple times and nearly claws at his precious ears. Lionpaw's ears were his pride and joy. They were beautiful and he hated cats touching them. Thankfully it was Sandpaw who held the flame colored she cat back from beating up the exhausted lionpaw. After that was over, Dustystar started the meeting.

"As you all know, the meeting to the nominees was last night." The tom cat started off. How bother Tigerpaw and Lionpaw forgot was beyond them. They were actually going to go to the meeting but then Stonefang has said otherwise. "Leopardpaw of Featherclan is being put up, Pumapaw of Berryclan is being put up, Galeforce of Shineclan has been offered, Raysun of Emberclan has been offered and I have put up Flashpaw for us." Both lionpaw and Tigerpaw were stunned. Not only were their sisters put up as mates, but so was Flashpaw.

"Who's defending Leopardpaw?" Tigerpaw asked quickly.

"And who has Pumapaw?" Lionpaw asked after his brother.

"Leopardpaw is being defended by Cherrywing." The two toms visibly relaxed when Vherrywing was mentioned. The white tom was a good strong cat and they liked him. "Pumapaw is being defended by Frigidpaw." That was concerning to the two tom cats. Their older sister was being defended by an apprentice. Sure Frigidpaw was due to be a warrior soon but still. "Pheasantfur, you will be defending Flashpaw. It will be a test to see if you truly have earned your warrior name."

Pheasantfur was the newest warrior of Terraclan. He had an extended apprenticeship due to his mischevious personality. At the age of sixteen moons, he had just received his name this past moon and he was probably the oldest warrior apprentice. To have this tom protecting Flashpaw didn't feel right to Lionpaw. The meeting was over quickly and Stonefang managed to catch the young sleep deprived apprentices before they could run to their den. They quickly showed the tom cat their hawk and he bedrugingly let the two take the rest of the day off.

The rest of the moon consisted of many late night outings for the two apprentices. They were made to run crazy tasks before they would be allowed back to camp. It was awful, but that was training. Sometimes Shaleleap would sneak out and help the two tom cats. She was very impressed with their progress and determination for the ridiculous tasks. One of their tasks was to steal prey from the Berryclan cats. A different one was to go into Shineclan and take their prey without being noticed. It was crazy but some how they were able to pull it off. On the day of the gathering, they were permitted to sleep all day and they had slept the entire night before that too. So both toms were well rested. It was Shaleleap who woke the two up so that they could attend the gathering.

Once everyone was at the Gathering, Tigerpaw and Lionpaw raced off to see their siblings. Pumapaw had already barreled into Leopardpaw and she was happily licking the spotted cat. Leopardpaw was sprawled outon the grass. She made of effort to get up, probably because it was pointless to go against Pumapaw. She was the oldest and she would have her way. Next to the two sisters, was Cherrywing, watching the two while snickering at his friend's misfortune.

"There you two are. We were beginning to think that you wouldn't be allowed to come this time." Leopardpaw called out as she saw the brothers approach.

"And miss the channce to see our baby sister? Never!" Tigerpaw mewed dramatically.

"Give it a rest, Tigerpaw, before I beat you myself." Leopardpaw barked out from her spot on the ground.

"You are no fun." The striped tom cat complained. "Oh, Pumapaw, aren't you scared that Frigidpaw will lose the match?"

"FrigidWIND will be fine. If you're so scared, why don't you just request me too?" Pumapaw fired back playfullly.

"Maybe I will!" Tigerpaw mewed out in a frustrated tone. "Come on Lionpaw, Softpaw if over there, lets go try and flirt with her. You in, Cherrywing?"

"Definitely!" The white flirty tom cat replied gleefully. "I hear she waws made a warrior, Softfrost is her name now."

The three tom cats wandered over to Softfrost (who was sitting by Flashpaw and Sandpaw) and they worked their charm on the brown tabby she cat. Flashpaw and Sandpaw both rolled their eyes at the brother's antics.This had become a regular sight among Lionpaw and Tigerpaw when they actually had free time. Lionpaw was always flirting with Flashpaw and Tigerpaw with Sandpaw. It was just a thing that happened.

"Would you three stop behaving like mousebrained buffoons?" Flashpaw barked out frustratedly.

"Mad that we're not showering you with attention, oh gorgeous Flashpaw?" Lionpaw purred out ina lower voice. His head brushed against her flame colored pelt and his green eyes stared innocently up at her.

"No!" She spat out quickly.

"Aw! Don't worry Flashpaw! Just say the word, and I shall be yours forever!" Lionpaw mewed out dramatically. "I shall defend you from the prying eyes of all the jealous toms who wish to claim you for themselves! I weill serve you and only you, Flashpaw if you should just take me to be your mate!"

"Shut up, Lionpaw, you're being a mousebrained fool." That was the first time Lionpaw ever asked Flashpaw to be his mate. It was later that night that Softfrost had introduced him to young Icepaw of Shineclan. Almost instantly, the two cats hit it off and became very close. As Flashpaw's battle came upon them, Lionpaw raced up to request her as a mate, much to the flame colored cat's dismay. However since it was just Lionpaw and Pheasantfur, Lionpaw yielded after a few moves. The warrior had nicked Lionpaw's precious ears and he refused to fight on just so he could save his ears. So Flashpaw was safe for another day.
As moons passed, Lionpaw and Tigerpaw became Lionroar and Tigerwrath. Stonefang (and Shaleleap) had taught the two cat's well. Most of their training was information gathering, stealth and invasion of other clan territories. They had become excellent trackers and all the time the two toms had been discovered, they had proved their furiousity in battle. However Lionraor frequently visited Icepaw in Shineclan. Since their meeting, she had become Icestorm and the young tom cat was in love with her.

Flashpaw was relieved that Lionroar had laid off with flirting with her. Part of her missed the attention that he gave her, but she would never admit it. As the Moon of the Mates arrived again, Lionroar requested Icestorm and he had actually won. It didn't take long for her to be with kits and the whole clan observed that Lionroar was never happier. Not only had Lionroar taken a mate, but his sister Leopardfury had been claimed... the strangest part was that the spotted cat was completely fine with being taken. It was strange for everyone to see that.

Flashpaw, after that night, grew to be Flashweed and life waws good. Life was going well, Icestorm was due to have kits and Flashweed was enjoying her life as a warrior. Suddenly the happiness was sucked out of the air. As the flame colored warrior returned to camp after a long night hunt, Lionroar was dragging the limp silver body of Icestorm. Her stomach was slim and the scent of death flooded Flashweed's nostrils.

Icestrom was dead.

As she drew nearer, she could see the pain in Lionroar's eyes. He was draging her body away from camp and he was off to bury her. Tigerwrath was sitting back in camp, watching his brother sadly. The striped cat made no effort to move. Instead he was sporting an injured shoulder. Clearly, in a fit of rage, Lionroar had injured his brother. Moonpaw was tending to the striped cat while Jaggedheart had carried a small bundle into her Medicine Cat den.

"Do you need help, Lionroar?" Flashweed asked him quietly as he drew near.

The lion like tom gently placed Icestorm's body down before replying. "Two kits in the Nursery." His voice sounded hoarse as if he had been screaming and crying out in agony. "They didn't make it."

"I'll get them." Flashweed promised. Quickly she darted into the nursery to see the two dead kits. One had a light colored pelt like Icestorm while the other had a pelt matching Lionroar's. Flashweed gingerly picked the two kits up and padded out to meet Lionroar. The two warriors walked together in silence until they reached the burial grounds. Many warriors were buried here. Not only from Terraclan, but Shineclan was buried just across the border. The lion tom padded to the edge of the border and he placed his love's body down gently, Flashweed followed in suit and placed the two kits next to their mother's limp form. Both warriors quietly began to dig their graves. In the end, the grave was just one massive one that split the border between Shineclan and Terraclan. It seemed only fitting that Icestorm be buried with both clans as well as their kits. The older she cat was placed into the grave first.

"Did you name them?" Flashweed asked before she picked up the kit that resembled Icestorm.

"He is Frostkit." Lionroar mewed brokenly.

Flashweed placed the dead Frostkit in the grave with his mother. "And this one?" She asked before picking up the kit resembling Lionroar.

"He is Craigkit." Lionroar mumbled out in his broken and hoarse tone. Flashweed gently placed Craigkit next to Frostkit. She did her best to make sure that they looked comfortable and like they were sleeping up against their mother. The scene was very serene and it jus looked like he three cats were sleeping in a hole in the ground.

Sighing, Lionroar placed his muzzle against Cragkit, then Frostkit and lastly Icestorm and he said his good byes. The two warriors covered the grave and once their work was finished, they simply sat there. By this point the sun was starting to rise, but one could still see the stars in the sky.

"They're up there, Lionroar, watching you."

"This wouldn't have happened to anyone if you had agreed to be my mate." Lionroar mumbled out as he looked at the stars in the sky. "Desertkit is all I have left of them and Jaggedheart doesn't think that she will make it."

"If she's anything like you, she will make it." Flashweed said confidently. She completely ignored the fact that Lionroar had indirectly asked her to be his mate again.

"I hope so...." That was the second time Lionroar asked Flashweed to be his mate.
Like Flashweed had predicted, Desertkit had survived. The young kit was eager to explore and learn everything she could. Her pelt truly was the color of a desert and he had lovely green eyes like her papa. She looked like a true abyssinian but most of her body type was very similar Icestorm. However she had those massive ears of Lionroar's.

The entire clan was very taken with young Desertkit. She was their pride and joy. Lionroar and Tigerwrath watched her carefully and made sure that she very was hurt. Flashweed would always play with her and give her a bit of excitement compared to her over protective father and uncle. Desertkit was so eager to learn, explore and play. Flashweed couldn't help but give the adorable little kit some fun. She would take Desertkit out in camp and play. Sometimes, with permission for Lionroar, she would take Desertkit exploring in the territory. Lionroar would alwasy follow them, but he couldn't deny giving his kit anything she wanted (nor ccccould he deny Flashweed).

Many of the cats believed that Flashweed would take young Desertkit as her apprentice. Even Dustystar was prepared to give her the kit. It was clear that they got along very well. Desertkit saw Flashweed as her mother and Flashweed acted as if Desertkit was hers. Flashweed adored Desertkit and sometimes she regretted not taking Lionroar as a mate just so that she could call his precious little kit hers. Desertkit made her long for a kit of her own, that was for sure.

As a few moons passed, Flashweed found herself with kits. She didn't say who the father was, though. Many of the clan was stunned, but didn't question it. After announcing that she was with kits, many of Terraclan judged her for not telling who the father was. Much to her surprise, Lionroar was the only who did not judge. No doubt he was upset for not knowing, but he was surprisingly supportive.

"If you want, I'lll say that I'm the father." Lionroar said quietly as Desertkit seemed fascinated with a small leaf that was stuck to Dustystar's paws. Once she had caught the leaf and 'killed' it, She moved to trying to catch Dustystar's tail. It was an adorable sight and quiet funny to see.

"I couldn't ask you to do that." Flashweed replied as her eyes were focused on the kit.

"I would do it anyway." Lionroar replied. "You have acted as Desertkit's mother and you have done so much for her and me. Let me help you. We can lie. Just tell them that you and I became mates secretly. Sure having kits is a bit sudden, but we will care for them and love them still." This was the third time that Lionroar had asked her to be his mate. While they say that the third time is a charm, it was not n Lionroar's case.

"I'll be fine, Lionroar." Their onversation was over when Desertkit had leaped up on Dustystar's head and the leader promptly knocked her off in surprise.

"Desertkit!" Lionroar exclaimed as he rushed over to see if she was alright. The tom cat was truly a caring father. He had proven that. He would also protect his kits with his dying breath. It wouldn't be bad to take Lionroar as a mate, even if it was a lie... But Flashweed needed to prove that she could do this herself. She could and she would.
Soon Desertkit gew up to Desertpaw and she was apprenticed to Tigerwrath. Lionroar had begged to be her mentor but Dustystar wouldn't have it. It was Flashweed who suggested Tigerwrath as a suitable alternate. Now that Desertpaw was an apprentice, the spunky cat had her father and uncle wrappped around her little tail. They let her do anything, Flashweed found it cute.

However every morning, Desertpaw would always bring prey for her and her son, Nettlekit. Desertpaw thought thaat Nettlekit was absolutely adorable. Lionroar seemed quite taken with him too. As Nettlekit grew up, Lionroar acted much like a father to him. He taught him the "Essential things that all toms must know." The most important thing was how to flirt with other she cats. That was priority number one. With Lionroar keeping a careful eye on her precious bundle of joy, Flashweed was allowed to resume her Warrior duties.

Flashweed often would steal Desertpaw from Tigerwrath and take her hunting. While Lionroar (and Tigerwrath she suspected) were teaching Nettlekit how to be a good tom cat, Flashweed had to teach Desertpaw how to be a strong she-cat who didn't need a tom to watch out for her. So the spunky authoritative side of Desertpaw, was thanks to Flashweed. Of course the young apprentice had strong she cat influences like Leopardfury and Pumaclaws, but she saw them rarely. So Flashweed took on the duty happily.

Not long after returning to her Warrior duties, Flashweed was named Deputy and not long after that, she was named Flashstar. Many expected Flashstar to name Lionroar as deputy but Lionroar expressed that he would refuse her, should she decide that. Sandrazor was Lionroar's suggestion and Flashstar's second choice so Sandrazor was deputy.

"I would rather be your mate than your deputy." The tall tom cat said when she had approached him. "Sandrazor would be better than me anyway, she understands you best."

While Sandrazor did understand her better than Lionroar, the tom cat was incredibly loyal and she felt as if she owed him for helping her with Nettlekit.

"Is there anyway you would reconsider?" Flashstar asked him quietly.

"Take me as your mate and I'll think about it." Lionroar replied with a cheeky grin and a wink. Even after having kits and working with them, he was still quite the flirt... But Flashstar wouldn't have him any other way. Even after asking her four different times, she would not take him as her mate, and he knew that, so Sandrazor would be her deputy.
Flashstar made a good leader. She also liked to think that she was great at giving out warrior names. When time came for Desertpaw to be named, Flashstar was nervous. There were so many great names she could give the appprentice. Desertheart, Desertfur, Desertpelt but they were pretty lame. Deserthowl was intimidating but it didn't fit the spunky cat. Desertfury would be too similar to Leopardfury and Desertpaw was too different. Desertlight was too girly for someone like her, even though she was the light of her clan it seemed.

As the cats gathered around her for the clan meeting, Desertpaw was sitting by Lionroar. His eyes were filled with pride as he sat there. During the Leader's inner panic, she heard Lionroar speak to Desertpaw.

"Your mother would be proud." Lionroar said to his daughter happily. His green eyes caught his leader's as she suddenly realized the perfect name for her friend's kit.

With a smirk on her face, Flashstar called Desertpaw forward and began her ceremony. After the apprentice said I do, Flashstar grinned and eagerly bestowed upon her, a warrior name truly fitting of the spunky cat.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Desertpaw, from this moment you will be known as Desertstorm. StarClan honors your energy and spirit, and we welcome you as a full warrior of TerraClan." Cheers rang out for Desertstorm as she happily thanked her motherly figure for her name. Soon the clan went off to celebrate Desertstorm's achievement by a massive hunting spree while Desertstorm went to take a nap.

"What do you think?" Flashstar asked Lionroar as the crowd cleared and the two cats were left alone.

"It's perfect. It is the best name you could have ever given her." Lionroar told her honestly. "It's good for her to have part of her mother with her."

"I didn't know what name I should give her until you mentioned her mother. I almost went with Deserthowl with the way she's always bossing you around." Lionroar chuckled at that one. She was very bossy, a trait that she didn't get from either of her parents.

"Despite her coat and eyes, she is the perfect copy of Icestorm. Some days I get up and I see Icestorm in her place..." Lionroar admitted.

"You miss her, it's understandable." Flashstar replied quickly. "We all miss Icestorm, she was a lovely cat and she loved you dearly."

"I know..." Lionroar mewed quietly. "But sometimes when she's being her typical bossy 'I don't need a tom to help me' sort of self, I look and I see you." That was unexpected even for Flashstar. Sure she trained Desertstorm on how to be independent but she never thought that the young cat would truly turn in to her. However as Flashstar thought about it, Desertstorm did seem to take after Flashstar more than her own parents. jaggedheart, before her death, often joked that if she didn't help Icestorm give birth to the kit, she would have sworn that Flashstar was her mother.

"Well, every young she cat needs a stronger she cat influence in her life." Flashstar reasoned quickly. "Pumaclaws had Bluebell and Leopardfury had Starlingstar." Lionroar shuddered at the mention of the Deputy of Featherclan. "And Desertstorm has me."

"You're the closest thing she has to a mother." Lionroar mewed out.

"And youre the closest thing Nettlepaw has to a father." Flashstar countered. She knew by now where the tom was going with this.

"The other day she told me that she wished you were really her mother." Lionroar told the leader. "You don't have to do anything, Flashstar. You can just say you're my mate. You won't be forced to have kits, I'll make sure no one ever takes you. I'll fight every cat who even thinks about requesting you to the death. Jus say you'll be my mate." The tom cat pleaded with Flashstar.

"You know I won't." Flashstar replied, trying to be strong.

The tom sighed. "I know, but I'm not giving up yet."

As he padded off, Flashstar sighed. Every time he asked her, it became harder and harder to turn him down. Five times the tom had asked to be her mate and five times she had refused. At this rate, Flashstar didn't know how much longer she could hold out.
Moons went by. Lionroar and Tigerwrath soon returned to the flirtatious brothers, flirting with every she cat they came across. The two toms had a hilarious routine full of drama and begging. More than once, Lionroar flirted with her comedically. Instad of turning him down, she simply howled with laughter and went along with it. The sight of his fatherly figure flirting with his mother terrified Nettlepaw and he often found himself running to hide. This was not how the two toms cats had taught him to flirt with she cats. It was just gross.

Soon Desertstorm had taken a mate of her own. Veiledmist of Emerclan had claimed her as a mate, much to the dismay of Lionroar. When the request rang out for Desertstorm, Lionroar had not been present, but Desertstorm was. Her green eyes met Flashstar's eyes and she practically begged for the leader to agree. Once she agreed, both veiledmist and Desertstorm grinned happily. Neither cat was expecting Flashstar to fight for he honor though.

After arriving home, Lionroar was outraged that Flashstar would give up his only kit to Emberclan. After learning that Desertstorm had begged for it, he calmed... slightly. At the fights, Flashstar tested this tom cat's strength and she would make the decision whether or not Veiledmist was worthy of Desertstorm's affections. In the end, she deemed the tom worthy and the Terraclan cat left with him to start her new life.

Without Desertstorm, the happiness seemed to be sucked away from the clan. Welll, at least it was sucked away from Lionroar and Flashstar. The cats continued their duties as normally as they could but it was hard. Lionroar was always out of camp hunting or on patrol. He never stayed anywhere near Flashstar. He actually avoided her to the best of his abilities. Normally Flashstar would have hunted him down and knocked the sense back into him but she found herself unable too. Instead she moped around camp unhappily. It was Sandrazor that got Flashstar to be useful again.

After an entire season of moping, it was time to start being productive. She seemed to be doing fine up until the gathering when it was announced that Desertstorm was with kits. Both Flashstar and Lionroar filled with dread as they remembered Icestorm. That night both Flashstar and Lionroar begged of Starclan to give Desertstorm a safe and easy delivery.

After the gathering, both cats were on edge. Sandrazor took on more duties of Leader while Flashstar hid in her den, begging Starclan to spare Desertstorm and her kits. Lionroar busied himself by hunting and patrols as well. Neither cat took on an apprentice as that would have been bad. When the next gathering came, Flashstar demanded that Emberclan go first just so that she could hear news of Desertstorm. Splatterstar did his best to evade going first but Flashstar all but threatened him to make his announcements.

"Desertstorm has welcomed four kits into the world..." Splatterstar started proudly, but his tone changed quickly. "They have all survived, but Windwhistle believes that she may not make it... That is why Veiledmist has stayed behind." Silence filled the meadow as every cat turned to the relatives of Desertstorm. Leopardfury looked as if she was about to rip out Splatterstar's throat. Currently Sherrystar was trying to calm her. Pumaclaws was very rigid and her eyes flashed dangerously. Fruitpit was keeping the blue warrior under control as est he could. Pantherleap was incredibly concerned as well as Servalpaw, Cougarpaw, Caracalpaw, Orchidpaw and Irispaw. The kits of Leopardfury were doing their best to calm their mother. Tigerwrath looked positively livid, along with Flashstar but Lionroar just hung his head.

"Lionroar," A light airy voice cut in from the Emberclan side. "If you would like, you may come with me to see Desertstorm and her kits." It was Streambreeze. The large tom picked up his head and nodded. The cats at the gathering quietly watched as the two cats padded off to Emberclan so that Lionroar would be able to see his daughter before she died.

Lionroar returned to camp at sunhigh on the next day. He seemed absolutely worn out and he just dropped in the sun. Painful wails filled camp signaling his arrival. Flashstar quickly ran out of her den to meet the tom. Without hesitating, she wrappped her flame colored pelt around his larger sorrel body and he wailed into her pelt. At this point there was no doubt in her mind that Desertstorm was dead or would die soon.

"Lionroar. What happened." Sanrazor had come up now with Tigerwrath and they were surrounding the large tom.

"Windwhistle... he says she won't make it." Lionroar managed out before his body was overtaken by sobs. After a moment he had calmed enough to speak again. "They say its a miracle she lasted this long but she won't last longer."

Silence took over the small group. Finally it was Sandrazor who spoke. "Will they send someone to come get you if something were to happen?" Lionroar nodded but was too busy crying in pain to speak.

Now they just played a waiting game. The game lasted for two whole moons before Flashstar was fed up with Splatterstar evading any question about Desertstorm. Lionroar had neglected to show to the past two gatherings, as he had been trying to busy himself. Finally, it was the day after the second Gathering when young Bigpaw and Leappaw rushed through the enterance of Terraclan camp.

"HELP! LIONROAR! BADGER! HELP!" Bigpaw screamed out as loud as he could. Bigpaw and Leappaw practically worshiped Lionroar and Tigerwrath. They had followed him hunting and they wanted to show him a cool cave tha they had found. What they didn't know was that a full grown badger was inside. Lionroar stayed to fend it off while the two cats ran for help.

Flashstar, Tigerwrath and Sandrazor didn't hesitate before racing out of camp with the two apprentices. They all had arrived just in time, as Lionroar's pelt was stained red with blood from the badger and his own blood. The three warriors leaped into action and began attacking the badger with such furiousity that no cat would ever believe them all. When everything seemed to be going good on there end, a sickening snap caught their attention. Lionroar had been thrown against the hard stone ground and had stopped moving.

A switch flipped in Tigerwrath and Sandrazor as they started attacking even more. Even Bigpaw and Leappaw had jumped into the fight. But Flashstar had run over to her friend and did her best to drag him out of the fight.

"C'mon Lionroar, stay with us."

"Go!" The older cat insisted. "Fight!"

"I'm not leaving you!" Flashstar cried out.

"Flashstar! We need your help!" Sandrazor screamed out as she was thrown off the badger. Battle cries could be heard from the two young apprentices as they threw themselves into the heat of battle once more.

"GO!" Lionroar coughed out painfully. That time, Flashstar went and she fought with the strength of all of Starclan it seemed. No cat would take Lionroar away from her! Not yet! Her claws raked across the badger angrily. And suddenly, it all stopped. Tigerwrath had gone in for the kill. Using his claws, he had plunged them right into it's throat.

"Got you!" The larger tom yowled with anger lacing his voice. Just as the cats thought they were safe, in one last more, the badger slammed his massive forepaw into Flashstar and sent her flying toward the stones. After that, everything went black.

When Flashstar awoke, she wasn't in her territory, she was among Starclan. She had lost a life. Before her stood the small silver and white form of Icestorm.

"Welcome Flashstar." The she cat said calmly.

"Icestorm. It's been a while." Flashstar stated quickly.

"It has been. I'm glad I had a chance to speak with you though. I wanted to thank you for watching over Lionroar and my little Desertstorm." The shecat drinned as she mention Desertstorm by her warrior name. From the pride that was shining in her eyes, it was clear that Icestorm approved of her kit's warrior name.

"Wait. Desertstorm is alive?" Flashstar mewed out quickly.

"As is Lionroar." Said a new voice. A tiny little sorrel colored kit with large ears padded over to his mother.

"But the longer you stay here, the sooner he comes to join us." A silver and white kit mewed as it followed the sorrel one.

"Craigkit... Frostkit... Wait! What do you mean?" Flashstar asked quickly.

"There is a chance of a new life for Lionroar. But for that to happen, there must be a few requirements to be met." Icestorm mewed out as calmly as she had before. "First, there must be a level of trust among the two cats, and second, the cat giving the new life must be a leader with more than one life left."

"So you're saing that if I trust Lionroar, I can give one of my lives to him and he can live?" Flashstar asked curiously. "Because I trust him with my life! That's easy! Let's go! Send me back and I'll give him a life!"

"It's not that simple." Craigkit mewed out.

"Nothing is ever that simple." Frostkit added on.

"You see the level of trust we are speaking about it love." Icestorm mewed out.

"Love..." Flashstar mewed out. She stared at Icestorm's pale blue eyes. In them she could see pain. It was hurting Icestorm to say what she was telling Flashstar.

"I love Lionroar, and he loved me. Loved. But by now you should know that he has alway loved you, Flashstar. Always. Not a day would go by where Lionroar did not love you. Those feelings may have been overshadowed by his infatuation with me and his joy of being a father, but he always has loved you, truly." Flashstar was stunned and she honestly didn't know how to respond to it. "And hide it s much as you like, you love him. You always have."

"I... I know..." Flashstar finally admitted quietly. "I just never wanted him to have to choose between me and you or me and Desertstorm. I didn't want to make him go through that..."

"Go to him." Icestorm mewed quickly. "Go to him and be with him. He loves you."

"And he loves you!" Flashstar argued.

"He loves you more... and I love him enough to let him go. I want him to be happy or the rest of his life, not sad and alone."

"I- I don't know what to say..." Flashstar finally mewed after a moment. "I don't know how to do it! What are the words?"

"Worry not, you will know when the time comes." Was all she was told.

"Is there anything you want me to tell him?" Flashstar asked quietly but a look was all she needed to see that her eyes were so full of love for the cat who one was her mate. There is nothing that Flashstar could say that would even begin to compare to that one look that Icestorm gave her. "I'll tell them you three love them. Now I have a cat to save." From there, everything was black again. When Flashstar woke up, she was no longer out on the rocks but instead she was back in camp in Moongazer's den.

Currently Moongazer was at a loss on what to do for Lionroar. There was clearly no way for her to fix the older tom cat and so they were just playing a waiting game. Waiting for Lionroar to go join Starclan. Slowly Flashstar rose to her paws and for a moment, she thought she was dreaming. There in the den stood an alive and well Desertstorm. She was sitting next to her father's body, silently weeping for him.

Carefully she padded over to the two cats. Desertstorm said nothing as the leader drew closer. She simply observed. Flashstar lowered her muzzle to that she was pressing it lightly to his ears.

"I, Flashstar, Leader of Terraclan hereby strip myself of one life to give it to this cat, Lionroar. He is honorable, he is loyal, he is good and he is true. He does what is asked and he is the cat I pledge my heart to. I offer one life of mine to replace his dying life so that we may live and love once more."

Just as she said that, Flashstar felt as if a piece of her life was separating for her body. Then she saw it. A silvery form of her body leading down to touch noses with the dying Lionroar. Slowly Flashstar's life took the form of Lionroar. The now silver form of Lionroar moved to lay down in the exact position over him before it sunk into his body. Just like that, the tom cat was silent. No breath came from Lionroar and no movement too. He didn't make a sound. Both Flashstar and Desertstorm stared at the tom catwith saddened faces.

"No... It was supposed to work..." Flashstar mewed out, heartbroken.

"So this is it... he's gone now..." Desertstorm mewed quietly.

"NO!" Flashstar mewed out angrily. "Don't you dare die on me Lionroar! You! You! You good for nothing lazy flirt! You're supposed to live!" The flame colored cat let out a yowl of sadness before she buried her face into his still warm pelt. "You're supposed to live!" She whimpered out. "You're supposed to wake up and aske me to be your mate you mousebrain!" Flashstar cried out brokenly. "Please! Please get up!"

"Flashstar, he's gone..." Moongazer mewed out, trying to pull the cat off the dead warrior.

"No!" Flashstar cried in agony. She practically threw herself on the learger tom cat and cried. "Please! Please wake up!" She cried out sadly. "Ask me to be your mate again! Please, Lionroar! Wake up and ask me! I promise I'll say yes! I promise!" After that, Flashstar broke down and her body wracked with painful sobs.

No one dared move the depressed leader from Lionroar's body. The only one who touched the two was Desertstorm, who had moved to lay on her father's body and cry out sadly too. So here were two utterly depressed she cats crowding Moongazer's den and sobbing as loud as the possibly could. The entire clan seemed hopelessly depressed as they heard the sound of the sobbing leader and Desertstorm. Thhat meant one thing, Lionroar had died.

Outside the den, Tigerwrath fell to the ground and silently wept for his fallen brother. Sandrazor did her best to comfort the larger cat but it was no use. Leappaw and Bigpaw were wailing by Lionroar and Sandrazor and made no effort to stop. Over all, the clan was hopelessly depressed.

"Hey Flashstar..." A voice groaned out.

"What Lionroar." Flashstar snapped out. "Can't you see I'm trying to mourn your death here."

"Well thats nice and all but, were you serious about becoming my mate?"

"Of course I was serious! Wait- what?" Suddenly the shecat picked her head off of Lionroar's pelt to see him staring back at her with a tired grin on his face. "You're alive!" Flashstar squealed at the top of her lungs.

"Yeah, I saw Icestorm and she said that it wasn't my time to go to Starclan. She also told me that I had to ask you to be my mate again..." The leader's eyes widened and she couldn't hide the joy in her eyes. "So what do you say, Flashstar, will you be my mate?"

"Of course I will, you good for nothing mousebrain."
Now Lionroar was a great cat. He was handsome gentle-tom and quite the charmer. He had the love of his life as his mate, his daughter was alive and well with SIX kits (named Lionkit, Tigerkit, Leopardkit, Pumakit, Icekit and Flashkit). Now with all this greatness that happened, Lionroar didn't understand why no one took him seriously when he said Flashstar was his mate.

The end.

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