The Training of Lightpaw

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The Training of Lightpaw Empty The Training of Lightpaw

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Words: 5000+
Summary: Leopardfury was an utter bitch to Lightpaw through out his training for reasons that Lightpaw didn't even know why. You thought she was a bitch now? You should have seen her then.

Leopardfury, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from me, and you have shown yourself to be dedicated and skilled in the ways of a warrior. You will be the mentor of Lightpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Lightpaw."

Leoparfury was engraged that Starlingstar had given her this little tom apprentice. Since dawn, he had been following her blathering non stop about all the cool things he wanted to do as a warrior. Claiming he was going to be the best warrior ever. At this point, Leopardfury had shown him the boundaries and the scents of the other clans. She doubted that he took any of it in, which would make tomorrow far more interesting for her. Now it was dusk and Leopardfury was sick of this young apprentice's rambling.

"Lightpaw!" She barked out, effectively shutting up her little shadow. "Go find Robinpaw and tell her that she's going to get you settled in the apprentice den. If she argues, tell her I said so." The young ginger cat nodded and rushed off to find Robinpaw.

Leopardfury padded off to get something from the freshkill pile. She picked a mouse and padded over to where Starlingstar was sitting and eating.

"How goes your first apprentice?" The she-cat mewed with a slight chuckle in her voice. It was rare for her to be so joking, but she couldn't resist a chance to mock the young warrior.

"I'm going to kill you." Her former apprentice mewed out. She then instantly started ripping her mouse to shreds in anger.

"I knew I named you well." Starlingstar fired back. "Your name fits you perfectly."

"I really will kill you." Leopardfury responded with her mouth full of mouse.

"Don't eat with your mouth full, Leopardfury. It's disgusting, didn't I teach you better?"

"You taught me to be a cold-blooded killer towards anyone who dares harm our clan and how to be the perfect warrior. Not how to be a petty little she cat who actually cares about what others think of her and how a tom would react if I did something unshe-cat like." The warrior replied quickly.

Starlingstar smirked. "I knew you weren't stupid. You don't need a tom."

"Then why did you give me a TOM as my first apprentice?"

"I like watching you struggle."

"I hate you."

"You'll thank me later."

"I'm not hungry anymore, here, eat the rest of this. I'm leaving." With that, Leopardfury was off to her nest. This would be the earliest that she ever went to sleep in her life... willingly.
Lightpaw's first day of REAL training was the worst. He had not expected Leopardfury to actually quiz him on everything she had shown him. Never had the young tom been worked so hard, and that was the beginning. He was forced awake at dawn by her yelling, made to take on a dawn patrol and expected to retain all the knowledge from earlier. Every wrong answer resullted in some sort painful and physically demanding punishment. The orange tabby would have called this cruel and unusual punishment had he not been too terrified to voice his opinion. Leopardfury nitpicked every little thing he did and Lightpaw absolutely hated it. The young tom was definitely miserable right now.

"So, Lightpaw how you feelin'!?" Foxpaw asked eagerly as he walked into their den.

"Oh hush, Foxpaw, stop taunting him!" Robinpaw told her brother quickly. Foxpaw and Robinpaw were practically identical. Their voices and eyes were the only different thing about them it seemed.

"I hurt everywhere..." Lightpaw groaned as he flopped down in his nest.

"Yeah, Leopardfury said that every day when she came in here." Foxpaw commented casually.

This interested Lightpaw. "She did? You were apprentices with her?"

"Course we were, she was just made a warrior last moon! Starlingstar pushed her really hard all the time. How do you think she became a warrior a full moon early?" Foxpaw replied quickly.


"Yeah! She's only twelve moons old right now!" That was news to Lightpaw. When he had first been assigned to Leopardfury, he had no idea who she really was. Seeing her at his apprenticing was really the first time he had seen the spotted cat. It was then and there when he realized how utterly beautiful she was. "Starlingstar woke her up before dawn every day and most of the time she didn't come back to camp until moon high! Usually Starlingstar was back in came back by sun down so she spent the rest of her time training on her own."

"You're kidding me?" Lightpaw mewed back, stunned.

"Nope! Not one bit! But we can talk later, you get some sleep! Tomorrow is gonna be just as bad as today!"
Like Foxpaw had said, the next day was just as bad as the previous one, for both cats. Leopardfury was iritated at Lightpaw's inability to remember simple things like which clans they bordered! Lightpaw was mad that he was getting punished so much. For the first two moons of his apprenticing, the two cats hated each other passionately. Lightpaw hadn't even learned how to fight yet because his mentor refused to let him move on from hunting. There was ALWAYS something wrong with every one of his crouches or the way he moved.

After his first moon of practicing hunting, he finally had exploded and demanded that she teach him how to fight. The older cat held her ground and a screaming match had started. Finally Lightpaw made the mistake to run at her with intent to harm her. He launched his smaller body at Leopardfury, claws extended and ready to hurt her. She instantly reacted and slammed his smaller body against a tree. Hard. He wasn't allowed to leave the Medicine cat den for almost a week. When he returned to training, Leopardfury seemingly got harder on him. In otherwords... It was pure hell.

There were a few other times where Lightpaw was so fed up with his mentor that he lashed out against her violently. Each time, Leopardfury beat him down within seconds. The poor tom couldn't even land a paw on the bengal without her pinning him to the ground or throwing him a few tail-lengths away.

Today Lightpaw was practicing his best bird stalking with Leopardfury hiding somewhere and watching him. Despite her brightly spotted pelt, she managed to hide very well. As he stalked this bird, Leopardfury was watching intently. She had already spied several things wrong with her apprentice. He was getting better but he didn't have the drive that she did as an apprentice. It frustrated her to no end.

In the end, the bird was caught, but it had realized that Lightpaw was there before he killed it. "Tada!" The young tom mewed unenthusiastically as he dropped the kill. He had no idea where his mentor was and he couldn't even scent her.

Leopardfury appeared moments later with her emotionless mask of a face. "You were moving too quickly, making too much noise and you weren't completely down wind of it." She told him unimpressed with the swift kill.

"Well not everyone can be perfect in everyway." Lightpaw growled out angrily.

"Well then practice." Leopardfury fired back.

"Thats all we ever do! When can we practice something else!?" Lightpaw cried out angrily.

"Once you get this down! You're not going to be a warrior until you get get these down!" Leopardfury yelled back to him.

"Well I wish I had a real warrior teaching me instead of some foxhearted kittypet!" Lightpaw screamed out.
Suddenly everything went very silent. Even the forest was silent. There was a staring contest between the two cats and neither was willing to look away. Finally a shrill cry interrupted their argument.

"Foxpaw! Robinpaw!" Lightpaw cried out as he heard their pained cries. Instantly the two cats forgot about their fight and they bounded off to search for the two apprentices. When they found them, they were being attacked by a massive fox.

"Leopardfury! Lightpaw! Help us!" Robinpaw called out. She was trapped under the fox while her brother was trying to fight it.

"Go get help!" Leopardfury ordered him quickly.
"But! They need help now! I'll take too long! I can stay and help!!" Lightpaw protested as Leopardfury raced into the fray to assist Foxpaw.

"GO LIGHTPAW!" Leopardfury roared angrily. Her claws were raised as she instantly went for the fox's face.
The orange tabby didn't argue this time and he was off.
He failed. Lightpaw failed them. Foxpaw and Robinpaw were gone. No, they were Foxfur and Robinflight. They were given their Warrior names as they traveled to Starclan. Lightpaw had arrived back with the help just a few moments too late. Leopardfury was perfect and maaged to take on the fox by herself and she killed it. Maybe if he didn't argue with her, Foxfur and Robinflight would be alive, celebrating that they were now warriors like Leopardfury.

The one time Lightpaw would have rather been training, Leopardfury was no where to be found. Cherrywing, her best friend of all time, didn't even know where she was. Well he probably did, but there was no way he was going to tell Lightpaw, the cat who argued with her causing them to waste precious time and because of that Foxfur and Robinflight were dead.

Sighing, Lightpaw left camp alone. Training would take his mind off everything.

From that day forward, Lightpaw swore that no cat would ever die because of him
Once Leopardfury returned to train him, it had been a week after Foxfur and Robinflight's death. She was sporting a few new scars on her legs but that was all. They were incredibly small and barely noticeable. Instead of their usual hunting training, Leopardfury had decided that all their time would now be dedicated to fighting. It was a new step forward in his warrior training and Lightpaw couldn't help but feel excited.

At the end of the day, Lightpaw went back to his next completely exhausted and in a who lot of pain. The pain was something that Lightpaw had been getting used to at this point. What he wasn't used to was the loneliness of the den. Without Robinflight and Foxfur, he felt positively alone. he had always looked forward to complaining to them at the end of the day. Today he wanted to share that he was fighting now.

Sighing, Lightpaw curled up and closed his eyes. While the tom didn't sleep, he just imagined that the two cats were there with him. "You'll never guess what happened today guys." Lightpaw mewed quietly. "Leopardfury started teaching me to fight. We fought all day long. I think the most moves I was able to make in one fight was like five. Then she took me down."

"Five! Dang Lightpaw! My first time against her she took me down in three!" Lightpaw imagined Foxfur saying excitedly from his nest.

"Leopardfury is known for fighting. Starlingstar spent almost all her time making Leopardfury a fighter. They fought every day from the day of her apprenticing to the day of her naming." He imagined Robinflight saying. "Her hunting and tracking skills were something she had to work more on by herself. Thats why she was always out so late at night."

Whether or not Lightpaw was truly conjuring this conversation up in his mind remained to be seen. Little did he know that the silvery forms of his friends were sitting in their old nests speaking with him.

"Do you think that's why she's nitpicking my hunting all the time?" Lightpaw asked with his eyes still closed.

"Well yeah. She probably wants you to be better than she is... even is she's practically perfect." Foxfur said in his mind.

"She probably wanted to protect you. You don't do smart things when your emotions take over. If you knew how to fight, you'd probably do something mousebrained and charge head first into a fight and you'd be dead." Robinflight mewed out sensibly to the group. She was always the sensible one.

"I guess I don't really think when I get mad and stuff..."

"Neither does she really. She sees red and just wants to kill. Her thinking is only how is the best way to kill without getting killed. She's got a good mind." Robinflight mewed out.

"But a rotten personality! I hear that Cherrywing may try to request her for a mate! He's mousebrained for even thinking about it!" Foxfur commented. "But get some rest Lightpaw! Tomorrow is gonna be just as bad as today!"

The two silver cats faded from their old nests, which Lightpaw couldn't bring himself to remove just yet, and the sole apprentice of Featherclan was knocked out for the night.
Just like the last time, Foxfur's prediction was right. The next few days were rough. However, a week later, Lighpaw had a break. The young orange tabby had woken just before dawn to meet Leopardfury at the entrance of camp. After  few minutes, the shecat hadn't shown up yet, so he padded off to the Warrior's den to look for her. Inside, his mentor was just rising.

"Oh. You're up." She commented as she exited the den.

"I am." Lightpaw replied to her evenly.

"Go back to sleep. We have the day off today."

Day off? Why? They never had a day off unless one of them was injured or something big had happened. What made today so special?

"The Gathering is tonight. You and I are going. Sleep now. Today and tomorrow are off days for us." She explained to him. Lightpaw didn't need any more explaination than what she had told him. He quickly ran off and went back to sleep. Leopardfury had even returned to sleep as well.

Later that day, the two cats were gathered with everyone else and ready to go to the Gathering. This would be Lightpaw's first Gathering so he was excited. He had heard about the Moon of the Mates that happened and the tom was eager to see them for himself.

The Moon Meadow full was incredible! So many cats from all the clans! there were even scents that he didn't even know!

"The dark and damp scented cats are from Shineclan. The dusty smelling cats are Terraclan." Leopardfury had barely finished her statement when a small silvery-blue blur raced over and knocked the strong Featherclan cat over. Lightpaw noted that her scent was Berryclan.

"Leopardfury!" The she-cat's high pitched voice squealed out happily. This cat was incredibly beautiful. She had massive ears, stunning blue eyes and a fabulous blue pelt. She was far smaller than his mentor and she was even smaller than Lightpaw!

"Pumapaw! Get off me!"

The blue cat quickly hopped off his mentor and bounced around her happily. Now that the blue cat was standing, Lightpaw could see that she had an injured back leg. It was dragging behind her and it looked practically limp.

"Lightpaw, meet Pumapaw, my sister." Leopardfury mewed as she brushed the grass off her immaculate pelt.

"Hi! I'm Pumapaw! I'm the oldest! I was attacked by a badger almost six moons ago and so my training stopped for four whole moons! I was stuck in Thunderflash's den for forever! But I learned a lot about herbs and stuff!" Pumapaw mewed out quickly and excitedly to Lightpaw.

"Leopardfury! Pumapaw!" A loud deep voice called out.
Lightpaw turned around to see two massive tom cats padding toward them. They were almost as big as Cherrywing! The first one looked identical to Leopardfury but he had a marbled patterned pelt. He was bigger and stronger looking that his mentor but he had the same golden eyes that she had. The second one was a sorrel cat with massive ears. The fur on his neck, chest and top of his head was slightly longer and darker colored as compared to the rest of his pelt. His eyes were a pale green color.

"Lionroar! Tigerwrath!" Pumapaw mewed out cheerfully as the two toms approached. It didn't take a genius to figure out which tom was which.

"Glad to see you both! It's been moons since either of you have been to a Gathering!" Lionroar mewed out.

"We were beginning to think you hated us." Tigerwrath added dramatically.

"We I hate you both, but that's not the reason I haven't been in attendance." Leopardfury deadpanned.

"Dear sister! You wound us so!" Lionroar mewed out. Suddenly his eyes caught sight of a pretty silver and white she-cat of Shineclan. "Icestorm..." he mumbled out as he looked at her.

"Ignore him. Lionroar has been wanting her as his mate ever since he met her as Icepaw and Lionpaw!" Tigerwrath laughed out. "But who's this cat?"

"Lightpaw. meet Tigerwrath and Lionroar, who's distracted. Tigerwrath, distracted mousebrained brother, Lionroar, Lightpaw. He's my apprentice. Now if you all will excuse me, I have things to go discuss with Cherrywing and Grassrush." With that, the spotted bengal was gone.
Lightpaw was now alone at his first ever Gathering. He hardly knew anyone outside of his own clan. This was awful...

"Hey don't worry, she's always like that." Tigerwrath mewed out. "She's been like that since we were kits."

"Ain't that the truth!" Pumapaw called out. "But don't worry! You can come with me! I'll introduce you to Meteorpaw and Burningpaw!" Almost instantly, the blue cat was off with Lightpaw trailing behind her. Despite her injured leg, she was incredibly quick! Soon Lightpaw came to meet Burningpaw, the medicine cat apprentice of Berryclan and Meteorpaw. Both cats were pretty but not as pretty as Leopardfury. Soon the cats all fell into conversation. Pumapaw was definitely kinder than her sister!

Finally the gathering started and information was shared. When Featherclan's turn came, Lightpaw listened to hear what Starlingstar would say.

"We lost two good cats last moon. A fox invaded our territory and killed Foxpaw and Robinpaw. However, for their bravery, they have earned their warrior names of Foxfur and Robinflight." Starlingstar mewed out in a harsh sounding tone that was very similar to Leopardfury's voice. "It was Leopardfury and Lightpaw who discovered them and Lightpaw who raced to get help. By the time we arrived, Leopardfury had slain the fox. If it were not for the bravery of both of these cats, I am sure more would have perished."

Condolences were exchanged and praise was given to Leopardfury. Snowstar of Shineclan even praised Lightpaw for acting quickly and trying to get help. She was the only leader who praised him. The others just praised Leopardfury for slaying the fox. She did most of the work anyway.

Finally the Gathering was over and it was time for the battles.

"This is your first gathering, right Lightpaw?" Burningpaw asked him curiously.

"Yeah, why?"

"Do you know how the Moon of the Mates works?" She asked him.

"No. Leopardfury didn't explain it really."

"That's because she hates it." Pumapaw mewed quickly. "She's been requested three times already."

"Requested?" Lighpaw asked curiously.

"A shecat from each clan acts as a prize for a tom to clam as a mate. They're already picked right now, one form each clan. It looks like the first battle is for Icestorm of Shineclan." Pumapaw mewed out, trying to explain it quickly.

Lionroar instantly ran up to request the Shineclan cat. The two shared some sort of glance that was meaningful of sorts. She seemed to like Lionroar quite a bit.

"So yeah, all the prises have been chosen. If a tom want a certain she-cat as a his mate, he requests her. But only the current prizes." Meteorpaw spoke up. "Like Pumapaw here is the prize for Berryclan now that she's all healed."

"Really!?" Lightpaw looked to Pumapaw who nodded. "But are you gonna be a warrior? How are you gonna get your name?"

"My chances of being a warrior are slim. Especially with my leg. Being a queenie would be better for me. Besides, kit's are so cute! I'd love kits!" Pumapaw gushed out happily.

The three she cats did their best to explain the tradition to Lightpaw as Lionroar's fight went on. Occasionally Pumapaw called out, cheering for her brother. Even Leopardfury's harsh voice could be heard cheering loudly with Tigerwrath too. Finally his fight ended.

"Will Grassrush report to the ring!" Starlingstar mewed out. She was the master of ceremonies for tonight's Moon of the Mates. "And any tom wishing to request Leopardfury as a mate, come to the ring!"

"Leopardfury!" Lightpaw mewed out in shock. "She's Featherclan's prize!?"

"Uh yeah." Meteorpaw mewed out. "Cherrywing requested her himself. Pumapaw was there and saw the whole thing."

Cherrywing casually padded up to request Leopardfury as his mate. Since his last one had died, he decided to request the gorgeous she cat. Not only was Cherrywing requesting her, but a tom cat from Emberclan had entered the ring. Then a tom from Berryclan was in the ring. Without thinking, Lightpaw ran into the ring. "I want to request Leopardfury too!" That had shocked the cats. Her apprentice was requesting to be her mate.

"Very well, is that all?" Starlingstar asked. No cat moved to join the fights. "Then begin!"

Almost instantly, Lightpaw had been attacked by the Berryclan tom. before the poor apprentice could even react, Grassrush had saved him. "Help me and Cherrywing take these toms out!" He told the apprentice before resuming his fight. Lightpaw nodded quickly and did his best to assist Grassrush. After what seemed to be an eternity, the Berryclan tom had dropped out of the match. Then the two Featherclan toms raced to help Cherrywing. With the battle now three against one, the Emberclan tom was easily taken down. Lightpaw surprisingly held up quite well during the whole match, delivering some impressive hits. It was clear that he had more stamina than most apprentices his age. Whether that was apart of Leopardfury's vigorous training, Lightpaw couldn't tell.

Finally the three toms all stared at each other. "Lightpaw, you should just drop out now before you get hurt."

"Cherrywing is right. We don't want to have to hurt you." Grassrush added quickly. "Leopardfury will be fine, just drop out."

The young tom nodded and forfeited the match. He trusted that Grassrush would protect Leopardfury... he was dead wrong. Cherrystar quickly won the match and Leopardfury was claimed.

The rest of the matched were uneventful in his mind. Pumapaw stayed in Berryclan to finish her training. Finally the matches were finished and the clans were to return home. Bidding his new friends farewell, Lightpaw was on his way home.

As they all padded back to Featherclan, Lightpaw trailed behind slightly. He noted that Leopardfury and Cherrystar were walking side by side, chatting happily. In front of them, the sun was slowly rising and the sky was painted red. The young tom sighed as he walked. His paws felt incredibly heavy. As he watched his mentor talking happily with the massive white tom, he could just feel claws reaching into his chest and puncturing his heart. Every laugh Cherrywing elicited from her mouth, ever smile she gave him and every playful smack was even more painful to bear. Each on ripped at his heart even more.

How Lightpaw made it back to camp was beyond him. For the rest of the day he stayed alone in his den. This time the nests of Robinflight and Foxfur had been removed and he was truly alone.
Moons after the Gathering, Lightpaw and Leopardfury found themselves fighting again. This time Lightpaw was able to use ten moves against the warrior before she completely beat him. He was improving and she could tell. Everyone could tell. When the two cats had finished battle training, Lightpaw pestered the other warriors into helping him. Everyone was quite impressed with the young tom's progress since the Gathering. Most cats wondered what had changed. Some believed that the death of Foxfur and Robinflight had motivated him to work harder. Some said that he had developed a crush on one of the three apprentices from Berryclan. The truth was that Lightpaw wanted to prove himself to Leopardfury and he wanted to be good enough for her.

Watching Cherrywing interact with her was too painful. The young tom swore that one day he would be good enough for the spotted warrior. That was his motivation for working, her love.

Since the gathering, two new apprentices were made, Shiningpaw and Hazelpaw. Now Lightpaw wasn't completely alone which was nice. The young apprentices weren't Foxfur and Robinflight but it was better than no one. Shiningpaw was alright, he seemed completely infatuated with Meteorpaw of Berryclan though. The three apprentices had gone to the next gathering where Lightpaw introduced them to his friends. Ever since then, Meteorpaw was ALL Shiningpaw spoke about. It was really obnoxious at this point. Because of this, Lightpaw was always out at night practicing his hunting.

This night, Lightpaw was working on his bird stalking. He was so intent on catching the bird that he didn't realize Leopardfury behind him. The young tom made quickly work of the bird. He killed it easily. The tom picked up the bird and turned to bring it back to camp when he nearly ran into Leopardfury. Like old times, he dropped the bird before her paws. "Tada." He said unenthusiastically to her.

What the young cat didn't expect was the beautiful grin that covered her face. "Perfect."
Since that night, everything changed. Lightpaw and Leopardfury seemed to get along much better now. The two worked better and everything was by far, amazing. Everything that Lightpaw thought was hard, suddenly came to him. Suddenly everything made sense and it all fit in. Their fights lasted longer and they were fun sparring matches, not angry and trying to beat the crap out of each other. Hunting turned into friendly competitions instead of a tedious chore. Everything was great... until Lightpaw learned the news.

"Lightpaw, I may have to stop training you." Leopardfury told him as they finished a spar.

"Why's that?" The apprentice asked curiously.

"Because I'm going to have kits."

Suddenly everything stopped. Leopardfury was about to have kits. Cherrywing's kits. Not his. Cherrywing's.

"I know it's sudden but I didn't want to catch you off guard."

"It's fine... Thanks for the heads up..." Lightpaw mumbled out.

"Let's call it a day, I'm exhausted." Leopardfury mewed out.

"Me too..." Lightpaw mumbled out. The two padded back to camp and Lightpaw made a beeline right to his den. After wailing for an hour or two, he fell asleep in his nest miserably.
Just as Leopardfury had predicted, she was forced to stop training Lightpaw. Instead Cherrywing took on his training. Leopardfury still watched training, but that just made it worse in Lightpaw's mind.

"Lightpaw! What is with you!" Leopardfury cried out in frustration from her position on the side lines.

"I'm just tired!" Lightpaw replied. It was his typical response. He had been using that for weeks now.

"Do you even sleep at night?" The spotted warrior asked him.

"Yes." No.

"Leopardfury, maybe we should take a break for today. Don't stress yourself out." Cherrywing mewed to her.

"Hush you." She barked at him. Instantly the white tom backed down. It was clear that he was wrappped arounf her paws and at her beck and call. "And you, get your head out of the clouds and focus!"

"I'm doing the best I can!" Lightpaw yelled out.

"Well that's not good enough!" Leopardfury yelled back. The two had an intense stare down before Lightpaw finally turned and ran off. Leopardfury would have run after him, had Cherrywing kept her from doing so.

"He'll come back when he's ready."

The day went on and Lightpaw was still gone. A storm had rolled in and now Lightpaw was caught in it. Being the concerned mentor she was, Leopardfury snuck out and started looking for the cat.

"Lightpaw!" She called as she wandered territory. She had scented him up to the edge of their territory by the two-leg area. This was where Leopardfury was found by Featherclan when she initially had left the twolegs. From there, the trail went dead. Growling, the spotted cat pressed on.

"Lightpaw!" She called again.

"Well what do we have here?" Asked a low voice.

Leopardfury whirled around quickly to see a large tom cat looking at her with hungry eyes. "Who are you?" She asked with a brow raised.

"They call me Claw. What's a pretty show cat doing out here like another alley cat?" The large tom mewed curiously.

"I'm looking for someone. An orange tabby tom. White belly and paws. Answers to Lightpaw. Seen him?" Leopardfury asked in her harsh voice.

"I might have, but I'm not going to tell some mysterious cat. Perhaps if you give me your name..." Claw responded as she moved closer.

Wrinkling her nose at his disgusting scent, Leopardfury responded. "I am Speckles." She mewed. It wasn't a lie... completely.

"Well you're mighty fine Speckles, he went just over yonder." The tom pointed his tail in the direction of her apprentice.

"Thank you, I'll be on my way."

"Oh no honey, I don't think I can let a pretty thing like you leave now."

Claw's tone changed to a predatory one and Leopardfury just ran. Given that she was with kits, she wasn't as fast as she usually was. "Lightpaw! Help!" The warrior yowled was Claw had caught her and pinned her to the ground. She instantly started fighting the other cat off. Despite her pregnant stare, she was a fearsome thing to behold. Claw was clearly regretting his decision to fight Leopardfury. She had given him quite a few gashes but now the tom had her pinned and it wasn't looking good for her.

"Leopardfury!" Lightpaw cried as he leaped into the fray. Claw looked up just to see the orange blur racing toward him. Moments later the young tom had plunged his claws into the other tom's throat. Anger and rage were pulsing through him as he ripped through the cat's throat. "Don't you touch my mentor." LightpawT growled out as he watched the life leave Claw's eyes.

Once the cat was dead, he pushed him off Leopardfury and the two cats raced back to camp.
"I, Starlingstar, leader of Featherclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn. Lightpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Lightpaw, from this moment you will be known as Lightclaw. StarClan honors your Courage and Loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Featherclan."

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