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Post by Mew-Chan on Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:35 am

Okay, so this is information is pretty much about how to run and maintain the various threads that can arise in the Other Roleplay thread, so if you plan of making one, be sure to at least check these out first Razz

Threads ~
Alrighty, well to kick this off- threads: depending on if you name someone as a partner in the management of your RP, it will be your responsibility to keep things cleaned up, tidy, and up to date- not mine, as I'm current running this site as well as any other little RP I may make up Razz If you have a thread that sprout more than two threads- such as a RPing thread and a character creator thread, then you need to PM me about making the Minor RP its own private forum ^^ (On here, once a thread reached 67 pages or so, I believe RPs or known to sprout a new thread to continue on in :3)

Rules ~
So this pretty much speaks for itself- you can create your own rules for whatever kind of RP you're making, as long as you make reasonable. Remember that whatever you post here can be seen by all our members, and if something within the rules either upsets them or gives me any reason to feel that they may be unfair or deserving of my attention, I can override said rules. (Lol, but usually I play nice, just as any normal member ^^)

Mehh~ If I have anything to add to this later, make sure to check it out when I do :3

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