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Warrior Code ~

• Defend your clan, even with your life. Friendships between clans are permitted, but understand that your loyalty must remain within your own clan. A she-warrior gone to live in her mate's clan must defend her new clan as it is now her own.
• Do not hunt or trespass on another clan's territory.
• Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before the apprentices and warriors. If a cat is injured or ill, they may eat with those listed before.
• Prey is killed to be eaten. Give thanks to Starclan for its life.
• A kit must be at least 6 moons to be apprenticed. A kit of 4 moons and older may be eligible to go to Gatherings, permitted by their leader and parents, and therefore allowed to join in the Moon of the Mates competitions.
• Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name, and queenies must mate with their chosen mates to be given their full name and title as a permanent queen.
• An apprentice is typically made a warrior at the age of 12 to 13 moons or when their mentor deems them ready, but a tom may be eligible to be made a warrior sooner if he has won at least one Moon of the Mates fights. A queenie becomes a queen when her body is mature enough to bear kits, generally at 12 moons.
• A cat cannot be made deputy without mentoring at least one apprentice or winning at least three Moon of the Mates battles.
• The deputy replaces the leader if they die, retire, are exiled, or has been won as a mate for another clan's tom and is forced to leave.
• After the death or retirement of a deputy, a new one must be chose before the rise of dawn or the fall of dusk, depending on when the cat died.
• A Gathering of all five clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts night long, naming all the clans as one single clan, Silverclan after the Silverpelt of Starclan cats that watch over the meeting. There shall only be fighting during the Moon of the Mates tournament, which is fair and merely for sport.
• Boundaries must be checked and marked daily, specifically during the Dawn, Dusk, and Sunhigh patrols. During a time of stress about a border between clans, the occasional Moonhigh patrol is ordered. All trespassers are to be challenged.
• No warrior can neglect a kit in need, no matter their origin of birth.
• The word of the Clan Leader is law, except during the Gathering- where all cats' words are equal.
• Honor is not received through the murder of another cat. Killing a cat is only used for those outside the warrior code or if it's necessary for self-defense.
• A she-cat cannot refuse the tom who wins her in battle and must remain his loyal mate until his death or if another tom wins her in battle. A she-cat may, however, be excluded from the Moon of the Mates contests if they have a good reason.
• A she-cat currently carrying kits or caring for kits younger than 6 moons of age- whether they be biologically hers or not- may not be chosen to take place in the Moon of the Mates.
• War between the clans is generally frowned upon by Starclan and is heavily urged to be solved by reasonable conversation between the leaders and most wise of elders.

Moon of the Mates ~

On every Gathering, once all information has been relayed from every clan's leader, a tournament is held to act as the finale of the night. The contest- Moon of the Mates- is a series of battles, depending on the number of toms participating, that determine who a she-cat will receive as a mate. Any tom from any of the five clans can request any she-cat, from within their clan or another, without the consult of the she-cat's leader as during the Gathering, all cats are counted as one clan till the night of the full moon is over. However, if a tom requests a she-cat from another clan, a cat of either gender- though usually the deputy or an older kinmate of the she-cat, from the she-cat's clan will fight against the warrior as a test of determination. If the challenger wins, the she-cat must leave the Gathering with him to live in his clan, but if the tom testing the challenger wins, they may either accept or deny the she-cat to be their mate.

The most popular choices of toms are young she-cats, such as apprentices or litterless warriors, as well as female leaders for their ability to bear many litters throughout their nine lives. She-apprentices who are claimed as a tom's mate during a battle will be forced from their training as a warrior and will undergo special training as a 'queenie,' or queen apprentice, in her new clan by the various queens of the clan. A she-cat claimed to be a queenie rather than a warrior's apprentice may learn to fight and hunt when older, but will forever hold the title of a queen instead of a warrior. A permanent queen who can hold her own is well respected among all the clans. Female medicine cats typically do not join in Moon of the Mates contests as prizes unless requested by another leader. Female medicine cat apprentices can be only requested by honorable warriors and up, and if won as a mate, they must be relieved of their title and be give that of a queenie. Tom medicine cats must be very experienced, wise, and honorable for them to be able to have a mate, and generally use their wit to win their battles.

A tom may have as many mates as he likes as long as he can fight to keep them all. Also, a tom of any age may participate in the Moon of the Mates fight, ranging from the youngest of apprentices to the oldest of elders. Legend has it that the original leader who created the rules of the Moon of the Mates had ten of the loveliest she-cats as his mates by his tenth moon of age.

~ The most noticeable change to the rules of how the battles are won have drastically changed over the course of time, originally ending in the death of losers, and finally- up to the current point- bruising at the most extreme. In the current point in time, it is against the rules to injure a cat too much to where they have anything more than a bit of bruising and soreness, and if blood is draw from claws, fangs, or repetitive force to a single pot, the attacker may result in being disqualified and punished.

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